Handy Licenses To Have

As teenagers, most of us look forward to the day when we obtain our driver’s license. This becomes the one and only license many of us hold during our lives. It becomes our chief source identification, proof of our ability to drive, and the most important document we own.

A driver’s license certainly makes life easier but several other licenses help get us through life successfully as well. These licenses allow us to help others, bolster a resume or earn additional income. Three of the handiest licenses to have include a notary license, a minister license and commercial driver’s license.

Notary Public License

Most people don’t think much about the role of a notary public until they really need the services of one. A notary public is someone who performs a variety of official acts like witnessing signatures or administering oaths. Notaries received their licenses from their state government, and requirements vary state by state.

Most states only require you to fill out a form and pay a fee. Some states require a short course or exam, and others require a criminal background check. A notary license can come in handy in several different jobs or within your community, including the local PTA, your church or a social organization.

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Minister License

Many people have chosen to be ordained as ministers for a variety of reasons. You may want to officiate at a friend or relative’s wedding or perform a funeral for a loved one. You may want to serve in a new capacity in your religious congregation. A minister’s license allows you the possibility to assist in these civic and religious ceremonies and rites in a meaningful way within your community.

Commercial Driver’s License

A basic driver’s license allows you to drive a car, truck, van or SUV. However, to drive something a little bigger takes a special license. Driving larger trucks, trailers or busses offers a great deal of flexibility if you want to work on your own, find a new job or help out your church or other organizations you belong to.

Obtaining a commercial driver’s license requires you to take a special written test and pass a driving test in a commercial vehicle you plan to drive. The commercial driver’s license offers a great degree of flexibility, though, and looks good on a resume.

So whether you choose to become a notary, be ordained or earn a commercial driver’s license, these licenses will come in handy at work, at home and in your community.

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