Holiday Respite Care – A Welcome Break For Everyone

Caring for a vulnerable friend or relative is a demanding job and, as you know, it is never simply a 9-5 role.

Despite this unavoidable fact, taking regular breaks is very important to everyone involved; not only can a break here and there help reinvigorate the carer themselves, but it can help further develop the connection between them and the person they are looking after.

There are actually a number of organisations which provide holiday respite care or information for those looking at care, while at the same time there are also agencies available to provide care for someone while the carer looks to take a hard earned break alone.

Specific Holiday Respite Care Providers

For more information on holidays involving respite care, the Disabled Holiday Directory is a great source of information on destinations specially adapted for disabled people.

Tourism For All is a national charity which provides a wealth of information on great holiday respite care opportunities both in the UK and abroad.

For specialist holiday respite care providers, there are also a number of choices.

For example, there is Enable Holiday Limited, which is more focussed on overseas holidays. There is also Holidays with Help and Vitalise which both offer respite breaks for disabled people as well as their carers.

Things To Bear In Mind

When looking at holiday respite care, it is important to ensure that you are very specific in regards to your needs.

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You do not want anything to get in the way of you and your vulnerable relative enjoying the holiday so let everyone involved in the holiday process know exactly what you require of them, whether it is aid to get on the plane, or extra provisions required at the accommodation itself.

Other Options

Of course sometimes going away is not always possible; in that case, if the carer is looking at a break away from their duty, they can look for other forms of respite care.

Regular breaks are important to the carer’s health, as much as they may be reluctant to take them. Often it is a sense of guilt which gets in the way of a carer taking a holiday or rest, but with respite care there really is no need to have such a sense of guilt.

Not all forms of care involve going into a care home, there are other alternatives which involve trained professionals visiting the person in need of care at home or temporary care options which do involve the person moving in to a home, but not on a permanent basis.

Careful planning of breaks will enable carers to enjoy a holiday away from their duties, without having to feel like they are neglecting a loved one  so if you haven’t already, it is well worth looking into the holiday respite care options available.

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