How Can A Private Investigator Keep Your Child Safe Online?

Do You Know What Your Child Is Doing Online?

Most parents and carers have no idea what their children do when they go online. Many kids today are given a phone, laptop or iPad with no thought of safety. Paedophiles are predators who stalk their pray online, posing as young children or teenagers to get the victim to do all sorts of vulgar acts. Your child could be buying loads of things from games to films without you even knowing until you get the bill. Seeing disturbing images or information can have a damaging effect on your child for many years. What can you do about it?

What Can You Do About It?

There are many programs available on the internet that can assist you in keeping your child safe online such as filtering software which can block inappropriate web sites. There are other more practical things that you can do like move the computer into a family area like the kitchen or the living room. Take it out of the bedroom where no one can keep an eye on it. Talk to your child about what they have been doing online. Tell them how to keep safe or give them a website to look at that will give them ways of keeping safe. However there is a parental monitoring programme available for PC’s, laptops and some mobile phones. This software is completely undetectable and will sit on the operating system and record everything that happens on the computer.

It will show exactly when your child has been using it and for what. Any emails, SMS message, social networking messages will show up the entire message will be visible on incoming and outgoing messages. Key strokes that have been typed in will be visible, so it is possible to obtain passwords for Facebook and the like. Any of the web sites that have been visited will be on the report along with the time they were logged into. It is them possible to look at the web site yourself to see if it is suitable. The added extra from this software is you can see when your child is doing their homework and when they are lying about it.

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A Real Life Case Of Parental Monitoring Software Use

After reading a magazine article about online safety for children, a woman was worried by the idea that she had no idea what her children were doing online in their bedrooms. She assumed they would be chatting to friends and playing games over the internet. She had no idea that they could be in real danger in their own house. In the article it suggested calling a private investigator to give her some help and advice.

She was given a few different options but the thing that caught her eye was the parental monitoring software that could monitor what all her children were doing online with one package. It was great she was able to see what all three children were doing and keep an eye out for any communications that seemed a bit strange and who she did not know.

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