How Can Children be Creative Through Play?

There are fewer more irritating sounds in the world than parents, siblings, or anyone else telling a child that ‘you don’t play with something that way.’

Says who?

The child who is policed through their early years so that they can only play in certain ways is most definitely the child who grows up short on confidence and feels as if they have to ask someone every five minutes if what they are doing is okay.

On the other hand, the child who is given creative license to do whatever they want are often the most well rounded, emotionally and socially developed, and are the confident ones who carry these attributes into their teenage years and all through life.

Short of just saying to a child ‘off you go,’ how can they be encouraged to be creative through play?

Parental Interaction

This is by far the best way for children to develop their creative side – playing with parents who encourage them to be creative and refrain from telling them off every five minutes. The key to this is to ensure however that the child has open-ended toys, such as dolls or construction blocks, so that there are a myriad of possibilities available to the child in terms of play.

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Parents should encourage children to tell stories about their toys, ask why they have built them or dressed them in such a way, for example, and promote the exploration and development of ideas.

Play Dates

Watching children together is often an amazingly liberating experience. One huge factor in a child’s development is the way in which they engage with and bounce off others of their own age. One child can have an idea, their friend can add to it, they can then add something else, and before you know it these two small minds have created a whole fantasy world that you could probably go and write a novel about.

Extensions of Play

Taking playtime further will help to enhance the development of your child’s creative side, but how do you do this?

The best ways are to introduce other platforms for fun and expression, such as arts and crafts activities or musical instruments.

These, along with traditional style toys, will help your child to develop their creativity and other important life skills from a very early age. In addition, they will gain the confidence needed to put them into practice and become well-rounded individuals as they grow older.

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