How Much Should You Pay For A Wedding Band?

Whether you choose an amateur or a professional musician will have a great impact on the price that you pay but it will also have an impact on the sound quality and the standard of the performance that you receive. If you choose to employ a band to play at your wedding then you are paying for all of their time and not just their performance.

The time that you will be paying for will include the time loading their equipment into the van, travelling to your wedding venue (however far away it is), unloading the equipment at the venue, setting up, testing, performing, taking down the equipment, reloading and driving back to their base. It is understandable that a professional musician will need to be paid for the entire day rather than just the performance otherwise they would be out of pocket, especially if they had to travel a long way.

Price also depends on the size of the band; if it’s a duo or trio they will be cheaper than a five or six piece because they don’t have to split the fee as many ways. If you are swaying towards a smaller band then be sure that they can produce the same quality of sound as a five or six piece band. The same quality of sound may not be achieved if they are using backing tracks rather than playing the music themselves.

Depending on the location of your reception and the band’s base you may incur extra costs. If the band has to travel for over three hours and won’t be finished at the reception until late then you should expect them to add on extra in order for them to stay overnight in a local hotel or bed and breakfast. If they have to travel a significant distance you can also expect to incur some form of extra charge to cover their fuel; this may seem like a lot but if they had to pay for their own fuel and accommodation then that’s all they’d be working for so there’d be no point in them performing at your wedding.

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If you can, booking the band directly through their manager or even one of the members will save you around 20% of the fee. If you choose to hire an agency band then the agency add on 15-20% to the band’s fee for commission. Many agencies won’t even see a band perform before they enrol them so there’s no telling how good – or bad – they really are. Booking the band directly will also allow you to communicate with them much better rather than through a middle man.

Make sure the band have experience, especially experience of playing at a wedding. Amateur bands can often be the downfall of any wedding as guests will want to leave to get away from the noise. If your budget won’t stretch as far as a professional band then it’s advisable to hire a DJ instead, although it might not give your reception the atmosphere that you intended at least you know that your guests will enjoy the variety of music.

Wedding bands like M And R Wedding Band have been recommended by wedding parties and even other professionals too. If you’re looking for a wedding band who know what they’re doing and will send you guests home remembering your wedding for the right reasons then M And R Wedding Band are right for you.

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