How To Arrive At Your Wedding In Style

The perfect wedding day is full of moments the bride, groom, and guests will always remember. One of the first chances a couple has to make an impression on wedding guests is the entrances they each make. The following ideas will allow you and your finance to arrive at your wedding in memorable and unique style.

Arrive in Grand Style with a Limousine

A limousine is a traditional, timeless, and elegant way to arrive at your wedding in style. Not only does a chauffeured limousine make an impression on guests, it also presents great opportunities for photographs. Limousines are relatively inexpensive in terms of formal transportation options and can be easy to access in a number of models and colors.

Fantasy Cars

Classic, antique, or other rare cars are among the most popular ways people arrive at their wedding in memorable style. Most brides have dreamed of arriving in a chauffeured antique car like royalty, and most grooms fantasize about driving up to the ceremony and reception venues in a vehicle fit for a secret agent or an Italian sportscar. Companies that rent traditional limousines often have one or more fantasy cars in their fleet that brides and groom can rent for the wedding day.

Be the Belle of the Ball by Arriving in a Horse-Drawn Carriage

Nothing says fairy tale wedding like a bride in a white gown arriving at the ceremony in a horse-drawn carriage. This kind of memorable wedding arrival is best suited for events planned when moderate temperatures and weather can be expected, as the bride will be exposed to the elements in most rental carriage models. Be sure to check with the wedding venue before committing to a horse and carriage, as some places may not allow a horse on the property.

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An adventurous way to arrive in style to your wedding, a motorcycle makes a memorable impression on ceremony guests. There are a number of options to consider while planning a wedding entrance via motorcycle. Whether or not the wedding gown will fit in a side car or survive a ride on a motorcycle is an often overlooked but incredibly important factor to consider. Vintage and high performance motorcycles can be rented either with or without a driver. Hold on tight!

Processional Walk

A wedding party leading a bride down the sidewalk toward her wedding creates a buzz of happiness and romance among arriving guests and bystanders. Some amount of preparation is required for a processional walk wedding arrival. Most importantly, you should plan for the wedding venue and the location of the wedding party gathering together to get ready are within walking distance. Bring along a photographer to capture pictures of the walk, including the reactions of the people witnessing the mini-parade.

There are a number of ways to arrive at your wedding in uniquely memorable style. Consider the theme of the event, personalities of the bride and groom, and available budget while choosing a fun and romantic way to arrive at the ceremony.

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