How To Combat THE TERROR When You’re A Groom

Dear men, if you thought your driving test, your job interviews, your SATs or moving out of your parent’s home was scary… then you ain’t seen nothing yet. While all those things might well be scary and stressful, they seriously pale in comparison to the act of getting married which will no doubt turn you into a sweaty, shivering wreck as you stand at the alter. There’s the fear of things going wrong, there’s the fear of giving speeches and ensuring that everyone gets along, there’s the fear of saying your vows… and then there’s the considerable terror of getting married and what that means

That’s not to say it’s not also a great day, or that you’re not making the right decision. It’s just a simple fact that it’s also horrifically stressful. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make things just a little less scary for yourself…

Make Your Wedding Relaxing

You will be planning at least one half of your wedding day, so make sure that you plan it in such a way as to make it enjoyable and relaxing for you. Perhaps choosing the right music could help put you at ease? Or maybe having your favourite food served. All of these things will help you to relax a little more and feel more at home at your own wedding, so think about this when planning your big day.

Talk to People

If you’re having pre-wedding jitters – and you will – then it can help a great deal to talk to a friend who has been there or even a parent. Your best man is probably the first port of call in this scenario, but don’t bottle it up or you’ll end up blowing it out of proportion.

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Make it Restful

As well as adding in some creature comforts to help make sure proceedings go smoothly, you can also add in a few moments that will be conducive to unwinding and preparing. For instance, get yourself driven to the venue in a wedding limo and you’ll be able to relax on the way. Likewise the meal is also a good time to catch your breath, so make sure that you pencil in plenty of time for eating.

Avoid Unnecessary Stresses

This day is going to be stressful enough as it is, so make sure you avoid other stresses that aren’t 100% necessary. A good example is transport – using a limousine will also help you to avoid getting stuck in traffic or getting lost, but leaving early will help to. Leave nothing to the last minute and try to keep the things that could go wrong to a minimum (that might mean having a buffet instead of a set menu, or avoiding getting married outside where you’re reliant on the weather).

Focus on the Good

There is a lot to be afraid of on your wedding day, but also a lot to be happy about. Make an effort to focus on the good, and try imagine being on your honeymoon if all else fails. It’s only one day

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