How To Ensure Your Child Is Safe During Play Time

Daily play time is essential to any child’s development; this includes indoor play as well as outdoor play. Children can become giddy and sometimes a little rough during playtime so it is essential you take appropriate measures to ensure they are always safe and minimise the chance of an injury occurring. Here are small things to do to keep your children safe-

Out Door Play

Children love running around and enjoying playing outside. It is great exercise for them and should be a daily occurrence (if the weather allows). Accidents can happen, children do fall and trip and scuff their knees. This can’t be avoided, but you can ensure if they do fall any bumps and bruises are kept at a minimum. If they are running around on the grass usually this is a fairly soft landing. If you do have a playground the surface should never be concrete. Instead tile the area around the playground with safety mats. It is especially essential to do this around playgrounds as there is a small chance of a child falling from a height.

Indoor Play

Safety during indoor play is just as essential as outdoor play. Although children may not be running around as much in door if they are playing with other children they will take part in rough and tumble and play fighting. During play dates consider laying safety mats down in the room they are playing in. They can easily be stored away so you don’t have to have them down all the time. Safety mats for indoor play offers a much safer play area than carpet that can lead to nasty burns and scrapes.

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Always Be Prepared

Most of us have a box or two of plasters handy for children, but this isn’t enough if something worse happens that the typical cuts and scratches. Invest in a good quality first aid kid so you are well prepared for any emergencies. Make sure you are familiar with how to use everything and when is the appropriate time to use what. If a nasty accident does ever happen it is the immediate care and action you take directly after the accident that really matters.

Aim For 100% Supervision

Although even if you always supervise you cannot avoid little accidents, you can ensure your children aren’t doing anything dangerous by keeping an eye on them as much as possible. It can be very tempting when the children are playing to get on with jobs you need to do. If you must get on with chores try your best to do it somewhere where you can at least hear what is going on.

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