How To Get The Perfect Flowers For Your Wedding

Choosing the flowers is one of the most important parts of planning a wedding – it’s almost as important as the dress. However, flowers can also be really expensive if you haven’t planned ahead so follow this guide to help you keep on track when choosing you perfect flowers.

Before you agree to anything you should be sure that you have the right florist and in order to do that you’ll have to decide what you want from them. You’ll have to decide if you want them to take control on your instructions or if you want to guide them through every process in order to make sure that they achieve perfection. You’ll also have to decide whether or not you like their designs by taking a look at a portfolio of their past work – never hire any florist until you’ve seen proof of some of their previous work as you want your day to be perfect.

Next it’s important to think about the budget that you have for your flowers. Say your budget is £3,000 for flowers ask your florist what they can do with £2,000 so you know how far your budget will get you. The worst thing you can do is let the florist decide because then you could end up with £5,000 of flowers when your budget is much less.

You’ll have to give them some ideas about what you’re looking for because they can’t work with nothing. You’ll need to let them know about any themes for your wedding and colours that the flowers must go with. You should also advise them on whether you are the flamboyant type or prefer a calmer, more minimalist atmosphere as this will help them build up an image of you and what you’re likely to want to wedding to look like. You should also never forget to tell your florist of any bouquets or centrepieces that you’ve really hated and would definitely not want at your own wedding.
You should also advise your florist on the size of your reception and anything that she should take into consideration when designing the centrepieces, like bright wallpaper that could clash with the arrangements. Give them as many details if you can, if you have a leaflet then give them that too and if they’ve never been before then it might be an idea if they took a trip to the location so that they can assess the space that they have themselves.

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