How to Pick Flowers

There is such a thing as the art of gift-giving. I am going a bit out of the limb here, but calling gift-giving an art is, when you think about it, actually not that far off. When you had your birthdays as a kid, there were always those casual presents that were given to you in paper bags, but there was always some aunt, uncle, grandmother, neighbor someone whose presents you simply adored. The first thing that comes to mind is an enormous, shiny box, that sparkles all over the room, and within, you have a different box, also excellent looking, and another within, and another within, until you finally reach the little box that contains the new game console. A present that is carefully picked and carefully wrapped up can go a long way.

In this article I will focus on a gift that has been, frankly speaking, the mother of all gifts. I am talking about flowers, of course, as you may have concluded from the title itself. When it comes to picking flowers, the question of design is not an issue. The first part is done by nature (flowers are beautiful, aren’t they?) and the decoration part is done by the floral boutique you bought the flowers in. The problem is which flower to purchase.

In the following piece of text, there is a list of different occasions for which you will need different flowers. You see, as the years passed, different flowers have become symbols for different things. Some people are aware of this, and some are not. You, on the other hand, can never be certain whether the person you are getting the flowers for is someone who knows, or someone who doesn’t. So, in order for you to be certain that you’ve made the right choice, here is the list:

  • Anniversaries

This occasion can be viewed from two different perspectives. If it is your anniversary, and you are getting a gift for your loved one, the best thing to go for is seasonal flowers, arranged beautifully in some sort of basket.  It should be a surprise, so you are actually welcome to explore your creativity and get something astonishing. If you are going to an anniversary celebration party and you are getting flowers for the happy couple, try to find something that looks like them to you. That is always cool.

  • Birthdays

If you decide to get flowers for someone’s birthday, well, anything colorful will do. It would be great if you knew what his or her favorite flower is, and go for that.

  • Christmas

Christmas is definitely a gift-giving holiday, and flowers can be an excellent choice for this occasion. Flowers that are perfect for this occasion are the Christmas Cactus (logically), as well as poinsettia flowers.  Go for the colors that go with Christmas colors  red, white, yellow

  • Funerals

You don’t want to mess up and bring something inappropriate here. The flowers that re required here are Gladiolas, or White Carnations, or White Daisies  whichever you like best.

  • Graduations

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If you have a friend who has finished his studies, you should enchant him or her with a bunch of lilies. The colors you are looking for are red, blue and yellow and feel free to combine them as you like.

  • Housewarmings

For this kind of occasion, you will want something that is aesthetically beautiful. You should look for some ravishing flowers, in some well-designed vase  something that your friends can put on the kitchen table to just stand there and be beautiful.

  • Valentine’s Day

This is a passionate occasion, so the flowers you purchase should be passionate. Go with red roses, or white roses, or any kind of rose for that matter. That is the flower of love, after all.

  • Weddings

Weddings are an occasion where flowers are a very frequent gift. This is yet another occasion where you don’t want to come bringing some inappropriate flowers.  However, if you go with seasonal flowers, you won’t go wrong. If the wedding is in spring, or in the summer go with dark colors. If the wedding is in the fall, or during winter go with something colorful.

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