How To Plan A Great Birthday Party For A Kid

Birthdays should be one of the most special and memorable moments in a person’s life.  It is a day that only occurs once a year and many of us would like to believe that we are one year wiser and mature. But sometimes that’s not always the case. As a kid, I would never forget the birthday events my family prepared for me: I was fortunate to have great parents that bought me cake and ice cream and invited my closest friends to celebrate this special moment with me. I could only imagine how much effort and time it took to plan these great birthday parties.


This is the most well-known symbol of a birthday celebration in America. As a child, I remember my mom buying these extravagant cakes and also baking a few of her own as well. After I could talk and comprehend, my mother would always ask me what type of cake I wanted before she even purchased or baked a cake. I was thankful that she took my input to heart and gave me a cake that I loved. I also encourage you to ask your child what type of birthday cake he or she would like.

Your child may want a cake based on his favorite cartoon character (Batman was my favorite) or television show character. This valuable input will save you a day’s worth or drama/guilt because you didn’t get the cake they wanted.

Birthday Invitations

My mom always encouraged me to make a list of all my friends I would like to invite to my birthday party. This was a great way for me to exercise my writing and spelling skills. This is probably why I have such great penmanship skills today. After I compiled my list, my mother began to start her invitations. Again, she asked for my input on what type of birthday invitations I would like to have. My mother always bought my invitations so they would have a nice professional look and feel.

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For my childhood birthday parties, my mom always chose a specific theme. This theme was based on what I loved (i.e. TV characters, superheroes, animals, etc.). She always took my interests at heart because she wanted to make that birthday celebration special for me. After we chose a theme, my mom went to the store to order special themed products. She made sure the balloons, cups, napkins, plates, spoons, forks, piata, and other party items all featured the theme in some fashion.


My childhood parties were planned at some great locations. I had parties at parks, waterparks, arcades, and beaches. My mom told me to make a list of top 15 places or things I liked to do; my mom was a list fanatic! Then my mom would tell me to close my eyes and pick one. Whichever one I picked would determine where I would have my party and where the fun began!

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