How To Throw An Easter Party For The Whole Family

What comes to mind when you think of Easter? Perhaps indulging on chocolate eggs, hosting the perfect family dinner and children playing happily in an Easter egg hunt? Or maybe you are just grateful for a day off work, which you will spend feeling sick from too much cocoa based treats, stressing over the cooking and trying to calm down kids who have ingested too much sugar?

There’s no need to put too much pressure on yourself with these tips for hosting an Easter party that all the family members can enjoy will help things go with a swing.


The key to hosting any family event is to plan in advance and decide who is going to do what. Before the day, you’ll need to decide what you are cooking, buy the eggs for children and hide them – whether outside or in – the night before. Whether Mum or Dad take the lead in cooking, the other should support them by helping to wash up or perhaps make the dessert – if too many chocolate eggs haven’t been eaten! While the head chef is busy preparing the meal – roast lamb, turkey or pork are popular choices for this meal – the sous chef should ensure that all the other guests have everything they need – and that children are behaving themselves.


Let’s be honest, in these golden years of your life, some of the best things to do are to spoil and play with your grandchildren, whilst your adult children look after you! So bring along Easter eggs, supervise or join in with the Easter Egg hunt and enjoy the beverages and appetisers that may be served. Just don’t let the kids ruin their appetite, or you could be in trouble!

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Aunts and Uncles

Be sure to lend a hand to the hosts by bringing any side dishes for the meal that they may request and a nice bottle of wine. If you are the younger brother or sister, you may be called upon to dress up as the Easter bunny, help younger children enjoy the festivities, make cakes beforehand or oversee any other games that the family are playing.


Last but not least, the children! They need to be on best behaviour, if they want to make sure that the Easter bunny visits. The day before, children should be sure to tidy their rooms and go to bed early in the evening, to clear the way for the next day. At Easter, they need to show gratitude when accepting gifts, play nicely in the Easter egg hunt and share peacefully. If there are any especially young children in the family, older ones should set a good example. But that’s enough serious talk – Easter is a time for fun! So have a great time.

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