Is It Time You Settled Down?

Early indications

A few years ago, wandering the streets at 5.30 a.m. after the clubs had shut was a standard part of a night out. Plus, looking like the spitting image of Death wasn’t a concern.

When you think of those occasions now, you feel dumbstruck. Just how were you able to stay out night after night consuming every drink that made its way to your hand, without even caring about your exterior appearance? Only one word can be used to accurately describe this: impossible.

Maybe that’s what you’re thinking. On the other hand, it could be that all of your friendsĀ  who are either married or setting their ways in a long-term commitment are giving regular boozing a rest, and you don’t want to be left behind as they move forward.

Don’t be fooled

You may think that it’s time to cut down on drinking so you can begin your search for ‘the one’, and that’s great. However, before you turn down any more pints, there are some things to be conscious of:

  • ‘the one’ doesn’t exist. It’s unfair to throw a million expectations at one person. You’ll end up disappointing yourself and questioning whether settling down was the right choice.
  • Don’t slow down because your friends told you to. Nobody is forcing you to ease off the accelerator. The signs are there to warn you that it could be time to begin seeking alternative endeavours to getting wasted.
  • If you cannot look after yourself, you cannot look after another person. Or a child. Any unresolved issues that you have as a singleton will eventually affect those closest to you.
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It can’t all be negative, can it?

I may have placed a gloomy shade over rushing into a long-term relationship, but waiting until you’re ready to settle down has a couple of spectacular perks:

  • You’ll presumably have a little more money set aside for the grown up things that were way down on your priority list before.
  • As you get older, you’ll become more mature. You may begin the somewhat terrifying journey of purchasing property and decorating it. Your perspective on life will be well-informed which will inevitably lead to better decision making, especially when it comes to partners, friendship groups and of course, that new kitchen range you can now afford to equip your new grown-up house with.
  • At this point in your life, you will have made plenty of mistakes. This means that you will have more to learn from, and your newfound knowledge can be used to steer you towards a wiser future.

There are a number of hints that it’s time to leave the party, but ensure that the next chapter in your life begins when you’re ready for it.

What are your thoughts on settling down? Is life a never-ending shindig, or do we all have to accept responsibility one day? Share your views in the comments section below.

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