Is Marijuana Addictive?

The age old question still seems to be a volatile subject on whether or not marijuana is addictive. Physiologically it can be considered not addictive because the body does not seem to crave it. But the mental aspect of the situation is a different story. The marijuana addiction fact sheet can state that people can get hooked psychologically to the substance.

Because it gives a feeling of euphoria to people, it is used as a crutch to feel people. It is used as a replacement for feeling better after a down day. It is used as a deterrent to avoiding uncomfortable circumstances. The use of marijuana can lead to the following health issues to people.

Psychological Effects

*Loss of perception of time


*Loss of concentration

*Memory lapses

Adverse Risks of Continued Use


*Short Tempered

*Decreased appetite


*Lung cancer

Because a foreign substance is being introduced into a body, cancer has been known to affect heavy use smokers of marijuana.

This short marijuana addiction fact sheet should be enough for people to realize that marijuana is not a harmless plant. Some people use it for recreational purposes, although illegal to do, and enjoy the temporary effects that it gives. What happens is that more and more acceptance of smoking marijuana will eventually be part of the physical and psychological makeup of a person until it is too late.

That person will become addicted and will think to need it on a daily basis. That is when people start doing things they would not normally do. If funds are low, then criminal actions may be taken in order to get enough money to satisfy that urge to smoke marijuana. Some people seem to have more willpower than others and are able to control themselves when it comes to smoking.

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But the majority of people keeps on smoking and never stops. Follow this link to get more information on the effects of marijuana,

Getting the message to some people that it is illegal to smoke marijuana sometimes falls on deaf ears. For the record, it is illegal to smoke marijuana in the United States. Now there are exceptions to the rule for people diagnosed for medical reasons that they need to have marijuana but that is a story for another day. For the general public, if a person gets caught smoking marijuana, you will be arrested.

Now depending on the amount of marijuana that was on your person at the time of the arrest will determine the severity of the crime. Having an attorney that knows the limits of the law and the circumstances surrounding the incident will be needed to ensure that drastic sentences will not be imposed. It’s never a good experience to go through the court system but having a competent, experienced lawyer by your side defending your case is a soothing thought.

Having an experienced attorney that works on these type of cases will be needed. As you’ll want one with many years of experience with people convicted with crimes such as these that can help give you assurance that they can give a solid defense that the law can provide.

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