Is My Ex-husband Spending My Savings?

Is My Ex-husband spending my Savings?

When you are estranged from a spouse it can be very tempting to bury your head in the sand and ignore sorting out old finances, but how do you know your ex is not spending all the money?

Estranged Husband Could be Spending Joint Savings

A recent client called asking for help with a financial matter regarding her ex-husband. They have been going through a divorce for a couple of years now, but she admitted to never sorting out the finances properly as she was confused and unsure of what was hers. She now thinks that her husband is spending everything so that he doesn’t have to give anything to her, even if it is hers.

How Can I Find Out if This is true?

We suggested that our client have a good think about all the bank accounts she may have and any credit cards or saving accounts. We also told her to think about any property she owned with the husband and if she has done anything about sorting any of it out. With our help she made a list of everything she could remember having owned or taken out. We then carried out an asset trace on her in her maiden name and her married name to see if there was anything she had forgotten about.

A Very Surprised Client

Our client was hugely surprised to discover that she was part owner of several properties and businesses. She is quite sure that her ex-husband would not wish her to know as much as she dose about these assets. Her husband left her for a younger woman and was not very nice about how he left her. Our client had been living on a very low wage and struggling quite a bit while her husband was living a very nice new life with his new girlfriend. Her husband was living in the hope that she would just leave everything because she was too stupid to sort it out. He was hoping to spend it all or move it around so he didn’t have to give her anything when the divorce went through. He was quite happy waiting as he was in no rush to marry the new woman.

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Visit an Accountant

We suggested that our client visit an accountant to look into all the information we had found out for her and then she would know her true financial position when she went into the divorce. Our client did visit an accountant and the overall outcome was that she would be a very wealthy woman when the divorce went through. It was also a very good job that we were looking after our client as he became a bit of an idiot and started to threaten her when he realised she was doing something about the money. We installed CCTV cameras into her home to film anything that happened at her home.

The Divorce

When it came to the final settlement for the divorce our client came off really well. She listened to her accountant and followed her instructions to the letter. She was able to live comfortably in a new home with a new car and she was able to train in a field that she had always wanted to do.

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