Is Online Schooling Right For Your Child?

There are a number of reasons to consider alternatives to traditional schooling for your child. Accredited online high schools are a comparatively new concept, and like many new ideas, it can be met with skepticism. Nevertheless, each year these schools see increased enrollment, and that isn’t an accident.

Many types of students athletes who adhere to training schedules, gifted learners who feel stunted at traditional schools, alternative learners, and ordinary students choose online high schools. There are any number of reasons to support those choices.

Reasons to Support Online Learning

Students learn the value of independence and self-reliance. In grades k-8, parental involvement in school is typically greater, but as students progress into adolescence, natural independence begins to assert itself. This is a good thing, and online learning can teach this before students reach college, where such behavior is expected and essential for success.

Parents can save money when their teens gain additional access to advanced placement classes. In traditional schools, access to AP coursework and exams is dependent on the presence of a teacher capable of teaching that subject. This is rarer than most parents would like, particularly in school districts with limited resources. Generally, online schools offer more courses, including AP courses. Students can get a head start on their college career and AP coursework often means less semesters and more financial aid.

Students also get access to more elective courses.

This can help students who already have an answer to the age old question, What do I want to be when I grow up? Electives allow them to specialize, to again additional years of experience in their chosen field. This can include languages, arts, and a great deal more.

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Students get to choose the pace of their education. With the help of parents, advisors, and instructors, students can choose a course load that makes sense for them. They can spend more time on difficult subjects while the easier subjects fly past them in a blur. Flexibility isn’t always absolute (deadlines, test dates and other features of academic calendars will apply) but students will find, in nearly every case, more flexibility than an old-fashioned schoolhouse. The right accredited online high school can help students prepare for their college careers.

Students and parents alike will find ease in the reduction of peer pressure and other social distractions. Some students worry that online high schools mean they can’t have a social life, but this is hardly the case. Students attending the same schools in the same areas are not uncommon. Extracurriculars at area recreational centers can make up for the concern that online schools may lack social interactions.

In an increasingly digital world, students in online high schools will have an advantage over traditional schools. With regard to multimedia access and technology, students at online high schools will be exposed in greater degrees to working in cyberspace and working across international boundaries. This will give them a leg up in the real world, which is globalizing daily.

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