Keeping Tabs: Do You Know Where Your Teen Is Driving?

It is an unfortunate reality of our society today: you always need to be weary about what lies ahead. So many national tragedies have occurred in recent months in the most seemingly innocent of places. As a parent, occurrences such as a shooting at a mall or movie theatre are cause for concern, and rightfully, this may have you wanting to keep closer tabs on your children. This could not be truer of teenagers who have their licenses. Although you may believe your child is completely honest with you, the fact remains that you can never know for sure without checking their story. Installing a vehicle tracking system in your teen’s car will give you the peace of mind that you can always know where they are, so that should an emergency arise you do not have to play a guessing game of whether or not they told you the truth about where they went.

Invasion of Privacy?

One of the biggest hesitations when it comes to security of this kind is that you would somehow be invading your child’s privacy. However, think of this, if they go where they told you they were going than the tracker is not telling you anything new. Besides the need to know for certain where your child is when you are not with them, there are other benefits to having the tracker installed. For example, if your car was ever stolen, the tracker would assist you and the police with locating it and seeing that justice is served.

There are other benefits outside of tracking locations that a tracking system affords, such as the ability to monitor speed and safety practices of your teen while they are. You can then gain the peace of mind in knowing that your teen is taking this responsibility seriously.

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Betrayal of Trust?

It is understandable that the first thought of monitoring your child while they are out driving can feel like a betrayal, but ask yourself this: do you feel that way when it comes to monitoring their actions on the Internet? Probably not, and monitoring their driving habits and location is no different than tracking their movement online.

You also don’t need to worry about getting into an argument with your teen because most trackers are small and would be difficult for your teen to find. Additionally, the vehicle tracking systems are often powered by the car itself, so you won’t be caught changing a battery or anything like that.

As a parent, you need to know what your teen is doing in order to best protect them, and adding a GPS tracking device to their car can help satisfy that need.

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