Liven up Your School Uniform (As Seen on TV)

Ever wondered what exactly makes school uniforms look so sharp and smart on TV? Extremely good looking actors who’d look lovely even dressed in a potato sack, you say? Well, you might be well right but there is a reason why these TV programs and movies still hire costume designers that know 1001 tricks to liven up this commonly dull outfit. Here are some tips they won’t mind you borrowing.

Fit matters

One of the main differences between a school uniform bought in a supermarket or department store and a tailored one, is that the latter fits the wearer in a more flattering way. As most clothes in retail stores are made in mass production, they’re unlikely to fit anyone perfectly except for the mannequins (and even then they are often altered with pins). A tailored uniform will embrace the individual shape of your body, making you look great in it! Even if your school makes you buy the uniform jacket or blouse in a speciality store, there are still some alterations you can perform at home, preferably with the help of someone with a little experience in tailoring.

Fabric counts

If you want to look really sharp in your uniform, pay attention to the fabric of your school garments, as the cheaper ones are more likely to wear out and would leave even the best fitted jacket looking cheap and tacky. However, it doesn’t mean your entire school wardrobe has to be top quality  investing in key pieces will do the trick. Also, the more you’ve paid for your clothes, the more carefully you’ll treat them, meaning they’ll have thatnew feel about them for a lot longer.

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Personality’s Show

While that Serena Van Der Woodsen attitude won’t quite work with your school’s strict uniform rules, why not try something more a la Blair Waldorf, adding small yet noticeable accessories to your everyday outfit to reveal that girly, bohemian or rocker side of you? Tights, headbands and scarves are also great way to add an edge to your uniform without risking to be sent home to change. Think of your hair as a natural accessory.

Naturally Belle

Even if they’ve probably got more make up than you have ever owned, it’s the natural nude look Hollywood starlets normally wear in high school movies. Well, here’s good news for you  you already have that look and it requires no make-up, so rather than trying to do the perfect smoky eye for school, why not focus on bringing out your natural beauty? No products can make your skin glow as healthily as taking good care of it will.

Wearer’s Pride

Even if your school possibly has the ugliest uniform ever, wearing it sloppily not only won’t win you any of those stickers for children of a smart appearance (just kidding), but it will undo all the effort you’ve put into making your uniform look fab. Walk around with your head held high, and you’re guaranteed to look great.

What have you done to spice up your school uniform?

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