Maintaining Good Dental Health With The Help Of A Dentist In Toronto

Maintaining Good Dental Health With The Help Of A Dentist

A person who goes to the dentist in Toronto at least once every six months for an exam and a dental cleaning will likely have much better dental health than those who do not go to the dentist regularly. Those who don’t go to the dentist regularly will have more serious dental conditions such as severe tooth decay or the advanced gum disease. Those who get more severe dental conditions will have to undergo treatments that are more time consuming, more painful, and more expensive. Getting a cavity filled is much cheaper and easier than getting a crown or root canal. In severe cases of tooth decay, the dentist will need to remove the tooth in order to protect the neighboring teeth. That is why it is much better to prevent dental conditions and to get early treatment of any dental conditions that arise. There are a few things that patients will want to do at the dental office regularly in order to maintain good dental health.

First of all, it is very important for the patient to get a dental exam from the dentist in Toronto at least once every six months. The dental exam is very useful in detecting problems early. During the dental exam, the dentist will take X-ray images of the mouth. That will help the dentist find tiny cavities that are not visible to the naked eye. In addition, the dentist may be able to find some cavities by visual inspection as well. Dentists are also looking for signs of gum disease as well. If gums are swollen or bleeding, that is a sign of gum disease. The dentist will measure the pocket depth between the teeth and the gum tissue in order to evaluate how advanced the gum disease is. If caught early, gum tissue can be preserved. If caught late, some gum tissue may be lost forever.

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The other thing that the dentist in Toronto will need to do for all patients is to give them cleanings at least once every six months. Those who have a predisposition to gum disease or tooth decay will need to have cleanings more frequently such as every three or four months. The dental cleaning is completely painless for most patients since the dental hygienist is not cleaning below the gums.

The dentist in Toronto will also look for signs of mouth cancer. This is a very simple and easy check for the dentist to do. It only takes a few seconds for the dentist to look for mouth cancer. Most sores in the mouth are not cancerous. However, it is important to have a dentist or other healthcare provider look at any unexplained sores in the mouth to ensure that it is not a tumor. If the patient visits the dentist once every six months, it is more likely that the cancer will be caught during the early stages.

If there is a cavity, the patient will have to return in a follow-up appointment to get it filled. The pain associated with getting a cavity filled is actually quite minimal. The only pain is during the first injection of anesthetic. The topical anesthetic which is applied to the injection site will minimize the pain. Unfortunately, the dentist won’t be able to eliminate it completely. Fortunately, the most that patients generally feel is a slight sting that will go away once the needle is out of the mouth. The subsequent injections needed for a cavity filling will not have pain since the anesthetic from the first shot will cover the pain.

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