Make Mothers Day Extra Special With Home Made Gifts

Mothers day is a day to celebrate the women who brought us up and show them just how much they mean to us. The generic Mothers day gifts can be very expensive and lack the personal touch. Rather than buy your Mum the same thing that thousands of other Mothers will be receiving on Mother’s day why not create something completely unique that your Mum will love.

Arrange Your Own Bouquet

A lovely present for Mothers day is a Bouquet of flowers, rather than picking one from your local florists that they produce week after week why not create something completely different and unique. Book a class to learn how to arrange flowers and benefit from the help of a professional to arrange your bouquet. You can even choose flowers that reflect an individual’s personality and contain a card explaining the name of each flower and what it means.

Make A Trinket Box To Fill

A lovely idea is to make a container to present a gift in which is also part of the gift too. Trinket boxes always come in handy, whether it’s to store jewellery, buttons or odds and ends, a homemade trinket box will always be well received. A very simple way to make a trinket box is from a recycled tin. You can either use one you already have or buy a new one from tin can manufacturers. Take your tin and paint white or cream after removing all the labels. Then using buttons, ribbon and sequins create a ‘shabby chic’ style tin by sticking on pieces using super glue. Take a piece of material and cut into a square, place over the top and secure with a ribbon to act as the lid. Fill your tin with homemade truffles.

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Prepare A Three Course Meal

Mums are known to be the chefs in the house, cooking for the family most nights of the week. Give your Mum a night off from cooking and prepare a really special three course meal. Make sure you tell her in advance so she doesn’t plan the meal for the night. Along with cooking buy a bottle of her favourite wine, set the table and place a bunch of flowers and a card on her place setting. It might be an idea to do a practice run of your meal before hand for a friend or family member, just to make sure everything runs perfectly on Mothers day.

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