Maximize Your RV’s Storage Space Quickly

Nothing gets more crowded than the storage compartments of a well-used RV. Trip after trip we shove more devices and gadgets, extra tools, oversized tarps and rusted ladders into the nooks and crannies of our motorhome, both inside and underneath the cabin.

Interested in clearing out that space once and for all? It’s easy, hoarder. All it takes is a couple hours, a few trash bags and maybe some lemonade to keep you going. Before you know it, your used RV will seem a little less used.

Clean House!

 The only way to deal with such a cramped storage space is to completely clean it out. Pick a warm, sunny day and just fill your yard up with all the stuff that you’ve collected: boxes of old linens and cloths, bags of clothing, scattered wrenches, even that massive blow-up football player wearing your college team’s colors.

The Good, The Bad, and The Useless

 It may seem like most of the stuff you’ve strewn about your yard and driveway is just junk and you’re probably right. Go through your items one at a time and make three piles: one for things you want to keep in your RV, another for things you want to keep at home, and a third for things you don’t want and never even needed.

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Apply Elbow Grease Liberally

 While your things are out of their storage compartments, use this time to clean out the compartment itself. Though the task may seem daunting (and in fact you may just wonder why you’re not simply purchasing other used motorhomes for sale and trading yours in), it’s well worth the effort.

Pack It In

 Now that you’re starting all over, you can pack things in an intelligent and organized way. For example, put the tools, ladder, floodlights and other heavy-duty materials underneath the cabin. Utilize your interior cabinet space and put the lighter things inside.

You don’t even have to throw your unnecessary stuff away. Why not get cash for RV items by putting them up for sale at your next garage sale? It’s a great way to save up a bit of gas money in time for your next vacation.

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