Most Men Bypass Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction

According to a huge study of more than 6 million patients who suffered from erectile dysfunction (ED), the vast majority of men do not pursue treatment for their afflictions. The study, which was led by researchers at the University of Chicago, studied the insurance records of 6.2 million men who were diagnosed by their doctor’s with ED. Among these men who were diagnosed with ED, only 25 percent of them went on to fill a prescription or otherwise medically treat their conditions. This is a significant finding that has doctors concerned.

Why Are They Not Seeking Treatment?
It is not exactly clear why so many men are not pursing treatment for an affliction that is one of the most humbling that a man can experience. There are plenty of culprits that may be responsible. In some of the cases, it may simply be that the man was not an ideal candidate for ED treatment.

Men who are suffering from prostate cancer or other prostate diseases many times do not respond to ED treatment very well, which is why doctor’s do not prescribe it in most cases for them. Other men may have had bad results when they have tried ED treatments in the past, so they are unwilling to try again even if their doctor prescribes it for them.

Are They Embarrassed?
Of course, another reason that is often commonly cited is embarrassment. No matter how many commercials men see about the ease with which men handle this situation with the style of a rock star, it is still a taboo subject for many men. They may have the courage to talk with their doctors about it, but they may not have the courage to actually deal with it in their lives.

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These men may be too embarrassed to go to the pharmacy and pick up the medicine. They also may be afraid of letting their partners find out that they suffer from ED, so they do not have the courage to bring the medicine into their bedrooms. They would rather cover up the condition than to address it with their partners.

The Cost of ED
Cost may also be a significant factor in why most men avoid getting medication for their ED. Though costs have come down in recent years, the average price for an ED medication is still $4 for a single pill. This price is not cheap for many people with the state of the economy, and there are most likely a significant percentage of people in the study who decided to save money by purchasing their ED pills online.

Though this problem is very serious, it is hopeful that the solution will be a continued dialogue about ED in a public forum. Studies like this help to cast a light on the problem, and hopefully it will encourage doctors to urge their patients to follow through with treatment for their conditions. If they can help their patients to realize that there doesn’t have to be a stigma attached to ED, they will hopefully encourage many more men to start to change their lives with ED medications.

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