Moving Checklist: Moving Supplies You Should Have Stocked

When you are planning a move, ensuring you have all of the necessary moving and packing supplies will help you to move quickly and on time regardless of the distance you have in between your current home and where you will be living. Having a moving checklist will assist you with keeping track of the the items you have already packed as well as the belongings that may require special packaging depending on how fragile they are when packing.

Having enough boxes is a necessity when you begin to pack up your items and personal belongings. Having boxes of all different shapes and sizes is ideal to help with organizing your decor and knickknacks accordingly. When you are looking into finding boxes, you can order them in bulk, visit a packing and shipping store or even choose to ask various stores and companies locally for additional boxes that are no longer needed to save on packaging costs. It is also possible to purchase actual wardrobe boxes to help with fitting your clothing into a tight space to save additional room.

Packaging Tape
Purchasing clear packaging tape as well as duct tape will help when you need to keep belongings together and when you are sealing the boxes packed away with your items.

Scissors and Box Cutters
Ensuring you have scissors and box cutters is a convenience when packing up belongings allowing you to get the tape you need quickly to store items away in boxes securely. Box cutters can help with cutting tape and boxes themselves if you want to fit more items or if you simply need to access a specific box before you move.

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Bubble Wrap, Peanuts and Newspaper
Purchasing bubble wrap, newspaper and peanut filler in bulk will help you to keep your delicate personal belongings and breakable glassware or dishes safe and secure during the actual moving process. By wrapping fragile items, you can guarantee they stay protected even once you load your moving truck and begin to move to your new destination.

Permanent Markers
Having permanent markers and pens on hand is a must when you are packing to move to a new home or location. You can label boxes and various packages by room and by the contents of each box when you choose to use permanent markers as you pack and during the entire process of moving. Keeping permanent markers on you at all times is one of the best ways to stay organized regardless of where you are planning to move and how many items you are taking.

Using labels is another way for you to keep track of the boxes you have packed and the personal belongings you are moving as well. You can print labels using your computer or a specific program designed for making labels while also utilizing permanent markers depending on your own preferences. Printing labels can help you to create entire inventories of boxes so you can easily locate any type of item you are looking for upon arriving to your new home.

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