My Man’s Top Ten Christmas List for 2012

Christmas is just around the corner, and as many women know, shopping for a husband or boyfriend can be difficult if he doesn’t happen to have a hobby that creates a giant wish list. If you are experiencing the, don’t know; I don’t need anything answer here is a list of my top ten gifts for my man this Christmas. Feel free to peruse and find the perfect gift for your man as well.

1. Classic Football 2 Electronic Game:

Football season is ending, and if you find your man experiencing game day withdrawals, consider getting him this portable electronic football game. Your guy can play with a friend or against a computer and continue the experience of real-life football.

2. Time and Temperature Charging station

For those electronic geeks out there, this all-purpose alarm clock not only keeps the time, but also tells you the weather and charges your phone, wire free, all at the same time.

3. Dancin Dogg Optishot Golf Simulator

Golfing in the winter can be difficult, but this simulator is the perfect golf gift because it allows your golf guy to play with up to three of his friends at home. The simulator not only allows you to play an entire simulated game, but also gives feedback on how to improve your shots.

4. Vibram five fingers Trail Running Shoes

For the outdoor man, these unique running shoes provide a unique trail experience. The shoes give the runner a bare-foot feel while still providing protection from rugged terrain.

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5. GPS Golf Watch

This watch is a GPS and fitness watch all in one. The watch can track shot distances and tell you the distance of the green and distance to all hazards. The watch also comes with an odometer app to keep track of walking, running and biking.

6. ClearPlay player and membership

Does your husband have a different taste for movies than you? If you would like to be able to watch movies with your husband AND your kids, consider getting a ClearPlay player, which will allow you to eliminate the swear words, disturbing scenes or anything else you don’t want the kids to see.

7. Mophie Juice Case

Does your guy complain about his iPhone constantly dying? These external battery packs will keep the phone going longer and just look cool.

8. Killing Lincoln

A novel by bestselling author, Bill O’ Reilly, Killing Lincoln, is a historical narrative surrounding the events of President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination.

9. The Putting Alley

Another golf tool, the putting alley is short-putt precision practicing device that can help identify and correct putting errors.

10. Jawbone wireless bluetooth speaker

This all-purpose speaker can stream music, movies, games and conference calls.

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