Perfect Dining For That First Date

If you consider yourself to be a ‘foodie’ then London, with its swarms of restaurants selling cuisine from every corner of the world, is certainly the place to be. It has to be said that ‘foodies’ are, generally speaking, compatible with other ‘foodies.’ If you are heading off on a first time date in London and both yourself and your date are self-confessed lovers of food, then you may want to take a look at the following top dating ideas in London for foodies, which are guaranteed to generate some conversation, at the very least.

Pizza master classes at Franco Manca Perfect Dining

This collection of London-based pizzerias not only provide pizza-lovers with a delicious doughy treat made from slow-rising sourdough, which has been baked in a wood burning brick oven for a minimum of 20 hours, but you can also sit down to a pizza master class and learn how to make your own.

We all know how much a first date can be cringingly embarrassing; particularly if any of those painstaking uncomfortable silences occur, so getting involved in something active like a pizza-making class can be the perfect solution to avoiding those potentially wincing situations – What’s more because it’s a class related to food, you’ll both have plenty to talk about afterwards!

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Grab a Lucky Chip Burger at Netil Market

If the prospect of sitting opposite your first date trying to avoid too much eye contact fills you with apprehension, then it might be a good idea to spend the date with walking around a market before grabbing a bite to eat.

The perfect scenario might be to grab a mouth-watering Lucky Chip Burger at a burger van at Netil Market, as the sights, sounds and smells of the market will act as a convenient ‘ice-breaker’ and you’ll both end up getting your foodie fix!

The House of Wolf

Everyone knows a couple of drinks can help us relax on a first date; the trick is not to go overboard and drink too much.

Heading down to Islington to sample a couple of experimental cocktails accompanied with some equally as experimental yet utterly delicious food at the House of Wolf would be a great place for food-loving daters to get their taste buds excited, washed down with a couple of welcomingly relaxing cocktails.

Apparently couples bond more closely and more quickly when they share exciting and perilous moments with one another, and a trip to the House of Wolf to sample these hugely tentative cocktails can certainly be referred to as being an electrifying experience.

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