Planning The Perfect Children’s Easter Party

A lovely way to celebrate Easter is to throw an Easter party for your children and their friends. Over the long Easter holiday it can be hard to keep your children entertained, an Easter party is a great way to keep them happy for the whole day and keep them busy helping you prepare in the run up. Here is how to plan the perfect childrens party this Easter-


There are lots of novelty Easter themed foods you can serve at your Easter party. Get your children involved and get them to help you with the baking and preparations the day before. Try-

  • Cornflake nest cakes with mini egg eggs
  • Mini egg rocky road
  • Easter bunny biscuits
  • Mini egg cupcakes
  • Hot cross buns
  • Spaghetti and sauce nests
  • Boiled eggs and soldiers


Trees arent just for Christmas! Make an Easter tree for your party. Find a medium sized branch with lots of little branches coming off it and stand in a vase. Make Easter biscuits in the shape of eggs, chicks and bunnies and decorate with brightly coloured icing. Hang from your branch to decorate and hand out the biscuits at the end of the party.


At any Easter party you have to have an Easter egg hunt. The fairest way to do this is to tell the children they have to find the eggs to put into a big basket and then be shared out afterwards. This avoids too much upset if a few children find all the eggs and the others dont find any. Give each child a little basket with a handle to collect eggs in, this can double up as a goody bag to take away Easter eggs, cake and other sweets and Easter treats in. Whether you are hosting your party indoors or outdoors you need to be sure that the environment is safe for children to be running around in. Consider buying play tiles to lay down anywhere children may be running and could fall and hurt themselves. Play tiles are easy to lay down and then stack to store away when not needed.

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Put Easter twists on the classic games such as sleeping lions but instead play sleeping lambs. These are great party games that children have enjoyed for years and will enjoy just as much with an Easter theme. Play tiles can come in handy for every game you play, just lay them down and encourage the children to play the games on the tiled area.

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