Putting Together The Perfect Gift Basket For Mother’s Day

A gift basket is a great idea for a thoughtful Mother’s day present. Mother’s day has been hugely commercialised so it can be difficult to remember the real meaning behind it. Mother’s day is a day to show your appreciation and love to your Mum, the person who brought you up and supported you. Rather than buying generic gifts that 90% of Mums will receive on Mothering Sunday choose a personal gift this year that your Mum will really appreciate.

Choosing A Gift Basket

When choosing your gift basket for this particular occasion I would advise choosing an empty gift basket which is ready for you to fill with your own gifts. You can get gift baskets in many shapes and sizes. A great idea is to buy a gift basket which you know she will be able to use around the house so they basket it’s self becomes part of the present.

Consider what you will be buying to put in the basket before you buy it so you know roughly how big it will need to be.

Gift Basket Fillers

There are lots of options when it comes to filling your gift basket, the most important thing to remember is to make the presents personal and thoughtful. Consider who you are buying for, what do they love, what are their hobbies? It’s a good idea to have some kind of plan before you start shopping for your presents. Here are some ideas-

  • A bottle of her favourite wine or champagne
  • A window herb box kit
  • Perfume
  • A jewellery stand
  • Books, CD’s and DVD’s
  • A frame with a family photo
  • A tea set
  • Quirky tins (tea, coffee, biscuits)
  • A cupcake making set
  • Luxury pamper sets
  • Tickets to the theatre
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Presenting Your Basket

You can buy gift baskets that are finished right down to the last detail including bows and ribbons; all you have to do is fill them. If you wish to decorate your gift basket yourself I would suggest wrapping a few of the bigger presents and leaving some unwrapped, then simply tie a bow and ribbons to the handle on the basket and a tag with a short message on. It’s best to keep it simple as you will probably have quite a few gifts in the basket and it can become overly fussy with too much decoration.

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