Rate A Rose For Valentine’s Day

Florists are already preparing for the busiest day of the florists’ year, Valentine’s Day!  That may seem a little extreme but is really only plain common sense.  A florist’s problem whether they are in London, Rome or Chicago is not just that everyone wants to join the rush hour on February 14th but they nearly all want red roses!  No great surprise that the price goes up on Valentine’s Day!

Problems arise for florists not just in obtaining the flowers at the right time but in delivering them to those they are intended for!  Simply finding enough drivers to work that one day of the year is a real problem.  When prices soar florists have to pass them along.  If they were exploiting the customer on Valentine’s Day they would try to do the same on the other 364 days of the year.

Most supermarket flowers at that time of the year are imported from a tropical country but florists still depend on traditional sources a great deal.  The quality is still that much higher and traditional suppliers handle their produce more carefully.  Of course a Dutch grower wanting to supply a Paris or London florist has to use a few tricks to have roses just ready to open on Valentine’s Day.  Although a Dutch grower will have to use some energy to grow the flowers out of season he or she will not need refrigeration to preserve the flowers after they have been cut so the traditional growers still have some strength enabling them to stay in business.

As the cost soars on that particular day how can someone keep within a budget?  A lot depends on the strength of the relationship one has with the person you are sending flowers to.  With someone whom you do not know really well you options are limited but a little advice from a florist goes a long way.  The core of a bouquet should still have 3 red roses but in the hands of an experienced florist they can be blended with the likes of red ranunculi or contrasted with pink ranunculi, drawing attention to the red roses that are there.

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With someone that you really know they may prefer another type of flower or a different colour from red and would appreciate that more than the traditional options.  Just demonstrating that you know what the person that you are giving flowers to really like can strike the right note.

Also worth bearing in mind is the wrapping!  Well a bit more than that.  Supermarket flowers may seem a bargain compared to what a florist will charge.  Although a supermarket may be a reasonable choice when you just want flowers to put in a vase to brighten up a room do not think that they are a real substitute for a presentation!  Only the expertise of a florist can really do justice to a bouquet.  If a male thinks that a mass assembled bunch of flowers bought at a gas station will reveal his thoughts to his intended he will be only too correct!  Spending 30 seconds on the purchase of a cheap option will indeed reveal how much consideration he has given.  You have been warned.  No woman could mistake a hand crafted bouquet from a bunch of flowers lifted off the shelf.  Do remember that it is not just the flowers that matter but how they are presented which makes all the difference.

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