Say Congratulations With Personalized Gift Baskets

Don’t overlook a huge accomplishment that someone special in your life has achieved. There are many occasions where a celebration is called for, and a gift basket might be the perfect present to say congrats. The arrival of a new baby, a graduation, an engagement, a wedding, an anniversary and a business promotion are all examples of occasions to celebrate. Show your appreciation or joy by choosing the right basket to make that person, who accomplished something positive, feel special.

Gift baskets to say congratulations could range from fresh fruits, to wines, balloons, gourmet products, cakes or other goodies. The important thing to ensure is that the gift should be relevant to the recipient’s interest. For instance, if the person does not drink alcohol, certain wines and champagne will be out of the question. Neither will chocolate or sweet treats be appropriate for a diabetic.

Here are some tips for choosing the right congratulations gift basket.

Use Your Budget Wisely

If your budget is small, look for a smaller gift basket that might have a few quality items within. A smaller basket is more appropriate than a basket full of low quality items. Your basket could include cookies, chocolate, fruits or some other quality, tasty treat. If you can afford to splurge a little more, a bigger basket filled with those items will give the recipient a little more to enjoy.

Wine and Flowers Are Just As Good

You don’t necessarily have to stick with food items in the basket. You can order wine, coffee, mugs, lotions, candles and other items. If you choose flowers, ask the company if the flowers are fresh cut because you won’t want to say congrats with a basket of wilted flowers. Wine baskets make great gifts for newlyweds, or you can send a ham and cheese baskets for a married couple celebrating their anniversary.

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Personalized Options

Ask the company about options to personalize a few of the items in the basket. A picture on coffee mug or towel, the names and dates engraved on a glass or bottle or something that will make the basket just a bit more personal. This not only shows how much attention you’ve given to the gift, but also provides a memorable token that the recipient can cherish forever.


The final point to emphasize is that the quality of the basket matters just as much as what goes into it. The packaging, baskets, stuffing, wrapping all add to the presentation and increases the appreciation for what’s within. Ask the company about the types of packaging that they use in creating the baskets, scour their websites to get an idea of the quality that they provide, and look for reviews to see what other customers have said. These are just some ways to ensure that you get the best quality in both packaging and products.

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