School Holiday Fun for Kids

The mere thought of having to figure out a series of fun activities for children on their school holidays is enough to drive any parent insane. What do they like? Will it entertain them for long enough? Will it cost an arm and a leg?

Fret not – there are plenty of activities for your child to do, and some of them are even free!

Museums or the Aquarium

This seems like the first item on every list pertaining to holiday activities, but like a cliche, it’s the stock-standard answer for a reason. Museums and aquariums are both fun and entertaining; in the school holidays, many museums will run programs for children which involve creative and intellectually stimulating activities. Most children are inquisitive, and if they are interested in history, or how things work, or marine life, then take them to a museum or aquarium. They’ll be learning throughout their school break, and they won’t even know it.


The outside world is a bountiful hive of activity for young children. In a world of video games and iPads, sometimes it’s hard for children growing up in a modern age to realise that there are trees to climb, swings to swing on, hills to roll down. Let the school holidays introduce them to the world of play equipment, rolling hills and branchy trees at their local park.

If the regular kind of park doesn’t seem to entice your child’s sense of play, then why not take them to a theme park instead? Sure, the price tag might be a little higher, but think of it as a very sporadic treat for your child. Let your child run themselves out and they’ll be out like a light by the end of the day, leaving the evening for peace and quiet.

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Holiday classes

The last thing your child would probably want to do during the school holidays is go to school, but it doesn’t have to be a complete bore. If you have a conference or convention centre near your house, check to see if they are running any courses in dancing or card-making. That way, they go back to school with a skill, and may even pick up a new hobby in the process.


On the total opposite end of the spectrum, if it’s a rainy day, or you’re just too tired to go outside the next day, staying in is a good idea too. But rather than letting them waste away in front of a computer or a television, let your child’s creative juices flow. Provide them with crafting materials and a pot of kid-safe glue and safety scissors, and you may well find that your kid is the next Picasso, or Da Vinci.

Slumber party

The school holidays are the ideal time to throw an excellent slumber party for your kid. It could even be themed for some added fun; throw a super hero party and provide large beach towels for the kids to attach to their backs to become caped crusaders. You can even provide themed food like kryptonite to make them eat their veggies.

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