School’s Out: Can You Handle a Hectic Summer With Your Kids Around?

If you have teens in school, you’re about to experience the bittersweet time of year when they’re home all day every day for Christmas and New Year’s vacation.

While it’s great to have your pride and joy around for the holidays, it’s not all sugar plums and candy canes. Whether you have one child or seven, girls, boys, or both, it can get hectic and expensive. Higher electric bills, fights over Pop-Tarts, more trash, more laundry, even more trash, even more laun you get it.

Save yourself the same experience this summer and send your kids to local summer programs for high school students. The benefits are many, for you and your precious children.

Summer Camp is Good For Mom and Dad

 When the kids are away, Mom and Dad can play. Forget about having to drive your teens to the pool so they can cavort with their friends and get into trouble. Forget having to worry about why your teen girl isn’t back from her date at the putt-putt golf course yet. Forget the stress.

There are academic summer programs available that focus on teaching your kids new skills instead of teaching them how to waste time and sit around all day. Some of the best ones even take your kids’ cell phones away (but still allow contact with you, obviously) in order to foster a community of focused individuals engaged in their activities without distractions.

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It’s the kind of environment you’d like to create at home, and once your kids are used to it (and realize that people got along just fine without cell phones ‘back in the day’) you’ll find it’s much easier to get the results you want.

Summer Camp is Good For The Kids, Too

 Physical activity, art, academics, social networking, study skills for high school students these are all things our kids could benefit from learning all year round. Instead of letting your kids’ minds take a three-month vacation each summer, stimulate their brains by sending them to a fun and lively camp where they’ll not only study and learn with their peers, but they’ll be able to make new friends that they might see in college soon enough.

These days, every bit of experience our kids get is one more thing they can use to stand out on a college application, a job application, or that promotion to VP of regional sales at their future Fortune 500 company.

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