So You Want To Emigrate?

Many people feel that due to the severity of the economic climate, they can actually make a much better life for themselves abroad. If you’re thinking about emigrating, whether it’s due to a new job you’ve been offered, or simply to get away from the mundane everyday UK life and experience a new culture and way of living.

there are many things to consider.

Do your research

If you haven’t decided where it is you’d like to emigrate to, now’s the time to do your research. It’s worthwhile taking a trip over there so you can see what it’s really like. Go for an extended holiday, do a bit of house hunting, and if you have kids, scout out some of the local schools in the area. It may also be worthwhile arranging for your kids to spend a half day in a school to see if they think they can get used to it, and if they’re going to be happy there. There’s no point emigrating for a better life if your kids don’t feel like they’ll fit in.

Make sure that you have a job waiting for you

It’s also important that you’ve secured yourself a job over there before you move. Moving house is very expensive so you’ll need to have enough money to cover that plus be able to live comfortably when you’re over there. It’s common law in many countries for you to have secured a job before they allow you the right of residence, so make sure you check this out before you leave.

Say your goodbyes

You’ll want to say a proper good bye to all of your friends and family. Perhaps the reason you’re emigrating is to be closer to relatives; nevertheless, there are bound to be loads of people you’re leaving behind in the UK, and all of them will want to give you a proper send off. Organise a massive party so you can say goodbye in style; invite all of your friends and family, get in plenty of food and booze, and some fun entertainment.

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Don’t forget to pack

Obviously it’s an exciting prospect to think about emigrating; however, you have to remember the practical side of things too; you’re going to have a lot of belongings to pack up; make sure you’re organised and do this in plenty of time. Make a list of all of your items or keep a note of the number of boxes you want to take with you. Clearly, it’s not going to be possible to take everything with your on the aeroplane; regardless of the extortionate excess baggage allowance you’ll be charged, it’s just not going to all fit on the aeroplane and still be safe for it to fly.

Moving your stuff

Instead, think about sending your luggage by special delivery; there are some fantastic companies that deal with all of your excess baggage; do a simple online search to find some well-known reputable services. They will decide, depending on the nature of your belongings and how far away you’re travelling to, which is the best method of transport for your stuff; whether by air, sea or road freight, the baggage service will safely transport all of your belongings to your destination address so you don’t have to worry about a thing. You’ll even be able to choose a day and a time that’s convenient for you and they’ll swing by your house and load up all of your belongings onto a truck. They’ll keep you updated every step of the way with regular emails as to the progress of your baggage delivery.

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