So You’re Thinking Of Selling Your House?

If you are thinking of selling up there are several things you will need to consider first. In the current climate it’s a buyer’s market, but your not only a seller, you’re a buyer too, so you can make it work to your advantage. Selling your home is not a decision to be made rashly, so take it slowly, look into everything possible and consider why it is you are selling.


Before you put your house on the market consider why it is that you are really selling it? Have you simply grown bored of it? If so think about what it is you have become tired of and consider if it would be worth addressing it and making some improvements. Similarly a lot of us move because we feel we have outgrown our homes, but before you move consider if extending your home would help.

If you are moving for relocation purposes such as a new job or wanting to be closer to family there isn’t really any getting around these reasons. So now you are sure you have to move in order to achieve what you want in life you need to make sure you get the best price for your house possible.

Small Repairs

Most buyers are incredibly tuned in to little things that most of us would never notice. You are far more likely to sell your house at the asking price if you carry out a few repairs-

  • Clear your gutters out of leaves and debris. If someone views your house on a rainy day and the gutters are over flowing they will assume there to be a bigger problem than there really is which will put them off. After all none of us want to buy a house with damp problems.
  • Clean your house toughly. Many of us will be put off by any musty smells such as stale smoke or smells form pets. If you can keep pets confided to one room in the days before viewings and if anyone smokes inside they will need to quit this habit straight away.
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Improvement To Add Value

The worst idea to me is selling your house without making sure you’ve added all the value you can! If you can do it, why not. Rather than adding an extension make use of the space you already have. Add a loft conversion to create an extra bed room with an en suite, or if you have multiple reception rooms knock through the wall to create an open space. Current fashion means open plan homes are much more popular.

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