Streamlining Your Morning Routine

The majority of us will confess to the fact we are not morning people. Despite our best intentions to get up on time the cold weather can leave us hitting the snooze button far more than we’d like to admit. Here are some handy tips which could save you time and ensure that everything runs smoothly before you begin your day.

Prepare your outfits the night before

To ensure you’re not desperately scrambling through your wardrobe in search of an item of clothing in the morning make an effort to lay your clothes out the night before. Check the weather forecast and your schedule to ensure your outfit is appropriate. This goes for your children too. For example if they have a dance class the following day make sure that this is all packed and ready to go and make sure you’ve laid out an outfit for them to wear. If they are too old for you to do this yourself make sure they have laid one out for themselves.

Shower or take a bath the night before

If you are one of those people who needs a quick shower to begin the day this may not be an option for you. However, you could for instance wash your hair and bathe your children the night before to save time the following day.

Make lunch the night before

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If you take your lunch to work with you make sure you have prepared it the night before. The same goes for your children. If they are picky about their packed lunches ask them what they would like the night before and assure them that there will be no arguments about what is in their lunchbox the following day.

Prepare your breakfast the night before

If you like eating warm toast or cereal in the morning this is clearly not a viable solution. However, if it’s something like a fruit salad or a sandwich you crave in the morning, meals such as these can and should be prepared in advance to save you time in the morning. Doing so for your children will obviously help too.

If you have a coffee machine it may also be wise to prepare the pot the night before. If there is a timer on your coffee machine you could also set it to a time that will ensure a cup of your favourite steaming brew is waiting for you in the morning.

Prepare work and school bags the night before

Again it is important to look at your schedule for the next day and pack your work bag accordingly. You should then check your children’s timetables and help them to pack their school bags in preparation the night before.

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