Summer Tips For Keeping Pests Away From Your Children

Summers should be a lot of fun for your children. It should be spent outside where they can enjoy the cool waters of the beach or a pool. It should also be spent picnicking at their favorite spot by the lake or park, or simply lazing around and enjoying their vacation with their loved ones.

Summers should never be spent in hospitals, worrying about the medical condition of your child. It should never be spent worrying about increasing medical bills and blaming yourself for a simple insect bite turned deadly. However, this could happen. A single mosquito could bite your child and infect him with a deadly virus, causing severe illness and prompting prolonged hospital stay. As a parent, you can prevent this from happening.

Below are some summer tips for keeping pests away from your children.

Clean Your Garden

If you’re going to let your children play outside, then it’s best that you start cleaning your garden and making it ready for summer.

For one, see to it that there’s no standing water around. If there are holes with standing water, then fill them up with gravel or soil. If there are buckets with stagnant water, then drain the water and turn the bucket upside down. This way, it won’t collect water and become the breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Two, it’s advisable that you also change the birdbath water each week. Not only is it safer and healthier for birds, but you’re also preventing mosquitoes from laying eggs in the water.

Three, for gardens with ponds, see to it that the pump is working well. If there’s no pump, then install one. It’s important that you keep the water flowing so it doesn’t become stagnant and a health risk.

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Four, it would also be to your advantage to plant some herbs around your garden. Plants that give off strong scents such as lavender, mint, lemongrass, rosemary, among others are very effective at keeping common insect pests away.

Homemade and Organic Pest Repellant Spray

If you’re going to take your children camping or to a picnic, then don’t forget to bring an insect repellant spray. Insect repellant is a must-have. This can keep insects away and prevent mosquito bites. However, you should be wary though of using commercial pest repellant sprays or lotions on your children since some of them contain chemicals that can cause an allergic reaction. To be on the safe side, you can make your own homemade and organic pest repellant spray. All you will need are a spray bottle, essential oil, and water. You can make use of lavender and peppermint essential oil, since their scent can drive insects away. You can also use lemon eucalyptus oil. Simply pour water into the spray bottle, add a few drops of the essential oil, and mix well. Once done, you can spray it directly onto your clothes and exposed skin areas.

Get Rid of Pests

It doesn’t matter what the season is but you have to make sure that your home is pest-free. Always try organic and natural ways first in getting rid of them, but if these measures don’t work to control the population of pests in your home, then hire a reliable pest control company that provides green services.

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