Swimming Lessons For Babies Development

Many parents feel that baby swimming lessons are unsafe for babies. However, this is not true since babies spend the first nine months of their lives in water. Therefore, babies still have the natural association of being in the womb and it would be best to start baby swimming lessons when the child is between 6 and 12 months old. However, the lessons are meant for babies up to the age of 24 months. During this time, it is quite easy for the child to learn breath control and water adjustment.

How to give baby swimming lessons

In order to make the baby feel confident and relaxed, hold the baby close and maintain eye contact when going into the pool for the first time. Baby swimming lessons are meant to build confidence and designed to be fun, rhymes and water toys are used to distract the babies and encourage them to move slowly in the water as their confidence builds up.

Despite being happy, it may be a bit scary for some children to put their heads under the water. This should not be a reason to be upset. The baby swimming lessons are meant introduce this concept and therefore it’s important to be patient, relaxed and encouraging.

Supervisee the baby at all times. On the other hand, do not expect a lot from your baby since its common for the baby to be uncomfortable at first. Even as you have fun, safety should always be a priority. Therefore, parents or guardian should learn rescue methods and CPR .
For babies, the water should be nice, clean and warm to ensure that they are comfortable and there is no risk of falling sick. Normally, the baby will be quite tired and it is most likely that they will take a nap there after.

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Though swim diapers may not be a requirement, they are a good idea since they help avoid “accidents” in the pool. Water wings may be introduced at the age of one to help the baby stay afloat.

Benefits of baby swimming lessons

When the swimming lessons are done in a gentle, correct and paced manner, they boost the intellectual activity of a child. Awareness, focusing, reasoning and cognition of the physical environment are greatly increased.
Baby swimming lessons also help the child develop both composure and self-confidence while in the water. This is mainly reflected in the increase in social, physical, and psychological versatility. Positive manifestation is quite common in toddlers under the age of 12 months. However, development in emotional/personal and perceptive capabilities requires diligence since these benefits can only realized through repetition.

Special children benefit therapeutically from swimming lessons since the freedom and ability to float and move in water does not exist on land. This is quite inspiring since it helps relieve inner tension. Autistic, slow learners and emotionally suppressed babies enjoy a composing and encouraging experience that builds their group learning and mutual interaction thus aiding their personal growth.

Baby swimming lessons is a cardio exercise that strengthens muscles and improves the child’s cardiovascular system. Despite being a fun activity, swimming has a positive impact on the lungs and also boosts the efficiency of the heart through an increased heart rate.

The increased lung capacity reduces the risk of developing asthmatic conditions later in life. Unlike other exercises, swimming does not put pressure on the delicate joints. On the other hand, this exercise helps synthesize the brain creating a general feeling of wellness. Swimming helps the child live a healthy life and also eliminate the socially debilitating fear of water.

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