Table Linen Rentals for Wedding Things to Check

Table linens play a key role in creating the ambiance for a wedding party. Nice looking, quality linens can instantly change the look of even ordinary furniture and sitting arrangements. From table cloth to napkin the term table linen includes it all. They are available as plain white linens to decorative, colorful combinations in a variety of fabrics. So, irrespective of how grand or simple your wedding ceremony you wish table linens are one of those must-haves in a wedding ceremony.

Table linen rental is a money saving option

Buying linens for an occasion like wedding is not a wise thing to do as it will turn out to be an expensive affair. And you are not going to use those linens soon after the wedding is over. Therefore, the best and money saving option is to rent table linens. Today there is no dearth of table linen rentals. They offer professional service right from guiding you what type of table linens to choose for your wedding based on your requirements, taste and budget. Moreover, you may also get chair covers, and other tabletop accessories under one roof and get discount on bulk orders.

All you need to do is to log on to internet and find a table linen rental service in your locality. Most of them have online presence. You can save your time by simply choosing from their online gallery. Not sure of the size of table linen? Just check out their size chart and order accordingly. Request a price quote online for a perfect planning.

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Following is a to-do list for choosing table linens on rent for wedding

Hire a linen rental company that has prior experience in supplying table linens in wedding parties. An experienced table linen rental can assist you in choosing the best for your occasion. Even if budget is not a constraint you should check out multiple table linen rentals and do a comparison to get the best deal.

Select colors that complement your wedding dress and at the same time suit the color theme of wedding decor. Remember the bride and groom are the center of all attention in a wedding. So, you better not choose a set of white linens for the tables. No matter how gorgeous your wedding gown is it may get lost in the sea of white cloths.


Examine each piece of table cloths and napkins for stains and tears. Jot down all the flaws if any. You may get a discount for poorly maintained or defective linens. Secondly, if you do not check all the articles beforehand you may have to compensate for the defects that were not your fault.

Choose table cloths and napkins in contrasting colors so that napkins are easy to find on the table. Most importantly, this little trick helps to add the zing in the overall decor.

Take proper measurement of your tables before placing your rental order for table linens. Remember that tablecloths should touch the floor covering the legs of the table entirely.

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