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The Essentials Of Being The Best Man is one of the integral parts of the wedding process

Being a best man is one of the integral parts of the wedding process. Not so much from behind the scenes, but what matters most is what happens after all the planning. It is a daunting role for some, yet you should elope with your ideas and really hit upon specific parts of the grooms personality, hobbies and, let’s face it, utter dismal experiences and dislikes none other than for the stag do and wedding speech.

Of core concern here is the stag however. This will be an evening to remember or not, depending how much the rest of the party consumes but the initial moments of such celebrations should be both unforgettable and most likely ironically embarrassing. Whatever the theme and subsequent get-up, a night such as this should start with a bang.

Saying this some do take their beloved best friend of many years on a surprisingly nice day out for golf or track racing, yet undeniably the evening is the time for the stag to really shine. There is a lot to think about and a lot to organise. Dates are important, as it shouldn’t be too close to the wedding. Also who to invite is especially important which close friends, family members and work colleagues to invite? Let alone considering inviting the bride’s father or not!?

Choosing what to do is also of paramount importance. It has to be something related yet not necessarily bound to the groom in any way. Something he may find at least surprisingly entertaining. But deciding upon something more civilised or something lacking any civilised approach may be a discussion for you and the grooms close friends. One thing is for sure travelling together is a must. Starting the party as one group is important as anyone not there to begin with may feel singled out; a feeling no one wants on a stag!

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Of course there is a line this usually gets crossed, and the line becomes a dot to you (thank you Friends). However it is important to remember that explaining certain things the morning after may not be easy; especially to the fiance. Try and leave most of his hair and face intact no-more-so if the wedding is in two weeks!

But we can all dream such as the accompanying photo illustrates but in times like these dreams can come true. A stag is a once in a life time deal. Make it count.

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