The Main Uses Of Surveillance By A Private Detective

What Is Surveillance?

Surveillance that a private investigator would carry out is the monitoring and observation of, mostly people, to see what they are doing, where they are going and who they are with. It is a legal practice that every private detective carries out and there are different methods and for the different uses of surveillance. The detectives will record all the information on video and with photographs and it can be used in court if necessary. The detective, as a law abiding citizen can stand in court and swear by what his report says. Sometimes a private detective might be asked to watch a particular house and record the comings and goings. Surveillance is used by many people to find out what a spouse or partner is up to if they are acting suspiciously.

This can be because they wish to know where an estranged husband or wife is living during their separation as they need to serve divorce papers but do not know where they are living. This is often used in conjunction with a GPS tracking device that can be fitted to the partner’s vehicle and will track wherever the vehicle goes 24/7. This can be viewed online at a website that is easy to log into to watch for any regular or unknown addresses. Surveillance is often used by businesses to find out if an employee is lying about their health and fitness when they are on long term sickness.

If an employee is on long term sickness it can be very expensive for the company that they work for. Replacement workers need to be hired and other staff will probably doing overtime to make up for the work that should have been done by the off sick employee, who will still be on full pay.

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How Can I Find A Good Private Detective To Carry Out Surveillance For Me?

It can be quite difficult coming to terms with the reasons why you need a detective in the first place. Finding a detective can seem very daunting and when you are feeling low even more so. This does not need to be the case. Many local solicitors use private investigators and detectives and are happy to refer them to you. Solicitors work with private detectives for many reasons including matrimonial issues, process serving and missing debtors, to name but a few. If it is for a matrimonial case they will know a very good and trusted company who will be able to help you.

Private investigators such as Private Investigator in Manchester can be found on the internet in private detective directories where they register and need to be a reputable company. Another alternative is word of mouth it can be quite a surprise to find out that one of your friends or neighbours has used a detective in the past but it is a sure way to find a good one. It can be a bit embarrassing for the person giving you the information as they may not have wanted anyone to know that they have used a private detective for something in the past.

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