The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

It’s that time of year again. Mother’s Day is right around the corner. I know, it’s still nearly two months away. But that time will sneak up on you if you aren’t careful! You probably have an idea of what to get Mom for her big day. Maybe a trip to the nail salon or a big bouquet of flowers to send to her office. But something that you, your siblings, and Dad can do that Mom would love is really quite simple: clean the house! Let’s face it, Mom is probably tired after a long day at the office. The last thing she wants to do is come home to your list of chores not finished. Especially on Mother’s Day! And by “clean the house,” I don’t mean put your shoes away in the closet where they belong for once. I mean a full-fledged clean home, complete with dusting and sweeping, so Mom doesn’t have to do it on her special day! Let me explain.


This might seem silly because you really can’t see the dust on the TV or countertops. But Mom can. Pull out the cleaning wipes and start dusting off the side tables in the living room, countertops in the kitchen, and even the top of the headboard of your bed. Everything accumulates dust! Make sure you dust everywhere, and everywhere in between that!

Vacuum and sweep.

After you and Dad have put everything away, and I mean everything, it’s time to bring out that vacuum. Make sure you actually lift up the coffee table and end tables to get every inch of carpet clean. Don’t just spot vacuum for Mom. Do it right! This goes for sweeping and mopping as well. Get under the counters and make sure the corners of the kitchen and your bathroom tiles are clean.

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Put the dishes away.

Sure, you use the line, “But I started the dishwasher cycle!” all the time. But let’s face it, that’s the easiest thing to do and you aren’t really doing Mom any favors. Run the cycle and then actually put those dishes away where they belong. Trust me, Mom will be ecstatic to come home to a clean kitchen andan unloaded dishwasher!

Clean your bathroom.

Anyone can put the curling iron and other accessories on the vanity into a cabinet. But it takes true talent to actually pull out the cleaning supplies and give your bathroom a good wipe down. While you might not really notice a difference, Mom sure will. And she will appreciate the fact that she doesn’t have to do it for you!


Now, I wouldn’t go through Mom’s stuff because she probably has things a certain way for a reason. But if you take the time to organize your closet or bedroom, this will make Mom extra happy. You know how she’s always wanting you to clean your room before you go out with your friends? Well, now it’s clean and organized! Mom will be happy and you will have a clean room before you even ask to go hang out with your buddies. It’s a win-win!

Take out the garbage.

If you do this before Mom asks you, you are bound to get brownie points. Mom will love that you took the initiative to take the garbage out before it starts to stink up the entire kitchen. Make sure you put the recyclables in their appropriate bins as well.

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