The Top 3 Tips To Make Your Move Stress Free And Simple

Moving house is incredibly exciting but it’s certainly stressful! When you’ve got as hundred and one other things to be organising for the move, the more boring jobs are almost always left to the very last minute. It doesn’t have to be like that of course; there are a few really simple ways to make packing and moving a much less stressful affair.
Check out the top 3 tips to make your move stress-free and simple!

Don’t Make Things Hard For Yourself: Organise Your Packing

It’s really easy to make a start on your packing without actually thinking it through; it’s as simple as grabbing a box and putting a random selection of items inside.
It might be easier to do this to begin with but when you come to unpack your boxes, you’ll never have regretted anything more! If you don’t spend time organising your packing, you’ll spend double the amount of time trying to find your belongings and attempting to decipher which room they belong in.
Quick Tip: colour-code your boxes by room. When your boxes are piled high in a van it can be difficult to see which box should be going to which room but if you colour code them, it’s easy to see which box needs to go where.

Avoid Over Packing: Buy More Boxes

When we’re busily packing away our top priority is to get all of our belongings in boxes and packed away in as little time as possible. Of course this means that we pack as many items as we can into every box and before we know it our boxes closely resemble Russian dolls.
Although this method of packing makes life much easier while we’re packing, our future selves will be forced to carry incredibly heavy boxes up flights of stairs only to find that the items are so heavy that the box breaks half way up. Needless to say, our future selves won’t be having a very stress-free moving day!
Don’t over pack your boxes. If you run out of boxes then buy some more instead of packing more items in the boxes you already have!

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If You Don’t Need It Straight Away, Store It!

It seems that no matter how much you prepare and how well you organise your move, there’s always too much do left to do on the day. A great way to get around this is to put some of your belongings into storage.
You need to begin packing away items that you don’t use often or won’t need in the weeks running up to your move. By putting all of the belongings that you won’t need immediately into storage, you’ll have significantly less to deal with when moving.
You can get you and your family in your new home and settled and then move the rest of your belongings in when you’re ready instead of trying to move everything in one manic day!
The key to a smooth, stress-free day is preparation. Don’t just consider the easiest way to pack, you need to think about what will make it easiest to move and unpack. You’ll have a long time to pack and to organise your move but only one day to do it all!

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