The Unique And Enlightening Experience Of Becoming Ordained

There are very few things you can’t do online these days, but even with that knowledge, you probably didn’t know that you could become a minister. It sounds a little crazy at first, and everyone who hears that is a bit skeptical, but it’s true and it’s legitimate! What is more amazing than the fact that you can become ordained, legally officiate weddings, and even start a ministry, is the many profound benefits that come with being part of a ministry. Most people go through online ordination quickly, so they can perform a friend’s wedding, but end up loving the community for so many more reasons.

Spiritual Growth The Unique And Enlightening Experience

The thing about online ministries is that, like the process of online ordination itself, they’re progressive. They’re accepting of all faiths, practices, beliefs, and people — therefore, anyone can become ordained who requests to do so. Even if you already practice a religion, you can still be a member of a universal church that maintains your right to practice whatever you please. Being part of such a community allows members to get to know one another, learn different viewpoints, share thoughts and grow on a spiritual level.

Legal Recognition

The hard part for most people to believe is that online ordinations are legally recognized, but there’s no reason to be skeptical. Those who are ordained online are considered ministers under the governments of most states. Therefore, when they perform a wedding ceremony, the couple is legally married (and they’ll be happy to know that they saved hundreds or even thousands of dollars on ministerial fees). Aside from performing weddings, new ministers can perform baptisms, funerals and even start ministries of their own, regardless of what beliefs they choose to preach.

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How Do I Get Ordained?

Once you know how to get ordained, you’ll see that it’s quick, easy and virtually anyone can do it. It simply requires logging on to the website of a church and clicking “get ordained.” Fill out the short form to request ordination and simply wait for the confirmation. The ordination is free of charge and lasts for life — no fees required. However, some states do require that you show proof of ordination in order to perform a wedding, which must be ordered.

Once you become part of an all-encompassing spiritual community, you’ll find that spiritual faith is something unique to every person. Each person needs to find their beliefs within themselves, and meeting with others enhances the process. The legal benefits, and the fact that it’s so easy, just make the experience all the more enjoyable.

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