The Use Of Covert Surveillance In The Home And Workplace

What is it?

Covert surveillance in its most basic form involves installing hidden cameras in a designated area as a means of observing individuals and the way that they interact. Our operatives are highly trained and specialised in all aspects of the surveillance procedure and have had years of experience that allow them to get the results you need with discretion and professionalism. The covert cameras can be used to record suspicious activities, inappropriate conversations and video footage to name just a few.

How Does it Work?

Covert surveillance is different to other types of surveillance as well as other methods of investigation for the fact that it is most commonly unmanned. After consultation with a member of our operative team, you will establish with them the area that you wish to cover, this will be dependent upon the nature of the case, and the investigation can begin. An operative will be responsible for installing the system of cameras which varies in size depending on your requirements and those of the case. Once the network of cameras has been put in place, the surveillance can begin on the desired target.

How Can We Help?

There are many ways that we can use covert surveillance to help you with whatever problem it is that you are facing, no matter how big or small. Here are a few accounts of some of the people we have helped using covert surveillance.

An employer with concerns that someone under his employment was stealing from company supplies contacted a private detective. After trying various means to catch the culprit himself, the employer decided that he needed to bring in our help from the outside and make the most of our years of experience. After consulting with the client on the details of the events that had passed and the thefts so far, it was decided that cameras would only really be needed in the company stockroom as this is where the thefts had taken place. Cameras were placed in the identified location and an operative and the man watched the events unfold in the hope of finding a suspect and one was soon identified. It was discovered that the individual was an employee who was fairly new to the company and who following the investigation, was discovered to have an undeclared past of theft.

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A woman approached a private investigator in need of their services to find out the truth about their domestic help. For some time the client and his partner had had a young woman under their employment who acted as a domestic helper in their home. They had never had any issue with the individual but had recently begun to become concerned that she had not been doing her job as she was expected to. The woman wanted to find out what her day really entailed and asked the detective to install covert surveillance throughout the entirety of their home. The video and photographic footage captured throughout the surveillance session demonstrated that the target was spending most of her day participating in personal activities when she was being paid to look after the client’s home. Following the investigation the couple were able to find a new employee and were grateful that they took the time of employing the service of the investigator.

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