Three Precious Possessions You Must Protect

Never before have Americans felt the need to protect what is theirs more than they do now. With constant threats of crime, natural disasters, and financial meltdowns, you need a secure place you can protect your most important assets from the outside world.

Here are five things you may own that deserve the highest level of protection you can provide whether you install bulletproof wall safes or you build an armored bunker in your back yard.

Paper Documentation

Though you may conduct all of your business digitally these days, it’s still a good idea to keep paper documents as backups in the event of a major digital or financial mishap that causes all your digital info to be lost (yes, it’s entirely possible).

Here’s a short list of documents you should keep in a fireproof safe in a protected area of your home:

  • Living will, insurance papers, and inheritance information
  • Birth certificates, social security cards, passports, etc.
  • Property deeds, automobile titles and registrations, renter’s and lease agreements
  • Medical documents, X-rays and films, medication schedules
  • Bank information, stocks and other intangible assets, tax documents
  • Photo albums and other heirlooms

The best part about keeping all these things together is that you know exactly where to go for all your most valuable things in the event of a catastrophe. Instead of running around trying to locate your birth certificate and insurance info while your home is burning down around you, all you need to do is grab your safe.

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Guns and Ammo

These days, firearms are a hot topic. And for good reason: not everybody who owns guns is even interested in shooting one; many firearms are heirlooms or commodities, and require a heightened amount of protection to keep them out of the hands of invaders.

By installing a custom-made gun safe, you can keep your guns and ammo, knives, military memorabilia, or anything else that has a potentially dangerous element away from children, criminals, and anyone else who wants to try anything funny.

Precious Gems and Metals

Your grandmother’s pearl necklace or your great-grandfather’s gold cufflinks deserve better treatment than to be strewn about in a cold metal safe. To keep these valuable items safe and unharmed, contact your local safe company for custom designs that perfectly fit your most important possessions.

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