Tidying And Clearing Out School Bags

The school bag is something of a must for school going children; however it can really be a burden and has been proven to cause all sorts of spinal and other issues for children. Unfortunately, we are not yet at a stage where children can attend school without books and the reality of the situation is the lugging and towing of books to and from school.

That said there are a number of ways in which to ensure that your child’s school bag is organised and so is less prone to cause injury. Organising a school bag is not extremely hard and is just about a few fundamental checks. So, what’s the best way to do so?


The bag you choose goes a long way to ensuring that you can organise everything to suit. The most common sort of bag used is the backpack bag, though the girl’s messenger school bag also has become quite popular as old bags and styles return.

These bags come with a range of compartments which allow you to easily organise the space and ensure that there is a place for everything and that everything is in its place.


Take everything out of your bag and place it on the floor and sort out what is necessary from what can be binned. Old items such as tissues and other junk can be thrown out and this allows you to sort out what’s essential and so make more room. You don’t need everything that’s in there; that’s most likely, so be harsh and throw anything you have doubt over out.

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Of course, take a list of the things you may need and then you can ensure that you re-stock your bag to its fullest and best. This ensures you will always have the necessities at hand and in a place where you need them. You don’t want to be stranded if something should happen, or need to constantly borrow something so, make a note of what’s needed and get it.


Bags are terrible places for crumbs and filth, so clean out the backpack and ensure that it’s in tip top condition. This may be your only chance for a while.


Add the things that you need and then place them in groups of what should be together. This allows you to split up and organise into the best areas of the bag. Keep stationery in one area and make up in another; this ensures that everything is where it should be and you will end up with no worries if you need something in a hurry. Of course, you will have to show discipline and continue to do this to ensure things remain easy to find until the next time you have a clear out.

Be willing to Amend

If something doesn’t seem to be working and you can’t get used to it, then you should change it about and amend it. This will ensure that your bag is easy to work with and you are comfortable.

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