Time To Move? Then It’s Time To Pack!

If it’s time to move, then it’s time to pack. And while we all look forward to enjoying our new digs, a new neighborhood, and hopefully a new view, there aren’t many of us that enjoy the act of packing up and moving boxes. Needless to say, moving can be fun but packing can be stressful.

But there is a secret formula for keeping your sanity in tact while planning for the big day. By creating a list, packing rooms together, and starting as early as possible, you can be all packed up, cleaned out, and ready for the movers with time to spare. Here are a few tips to keep yourself moving on moving day.

Create A List 

Before you pack up a single thing, or even purchase packing supplies, you have to make a list; a big, long, thorough list that’s going to keep you sane throughout this entire process. Without any direction or an organized plan of attack, you’ll be packing up your shampoos with kitchen knives and pillows with dog food. Not only will you have a hard time packing up your house, but you’ll have a difficult time unpacking in your new house, as well. There are a few different ways to make a list.

First, you can go through every room in the house with a pen, paper, and clipboard. Write down everything you own, where it is, and what room it will belong in once you move. While you’re creating this list, you might find that you own things you no longer use, have a need for, or have several of. All this extra stuff is only going to impede your packing and clutter up your new house. Therefore, you should also make a list of everything that can be thrown out or given away, depending on condition and quality. With a list by your side, you won’t have any problems making sure everything is packed and headed to the right place.

Pack Each Room Together

Once you start packing, it’s important to pack room by room. If you walk around the house with a box or two and just start throwing random things in, you’ll be confused when it’s time to unpack. Furthermore, you’ll probably end up wasting precious box space!

Start by packing up the rooms you won’t need until after you move. For instance, if you have a closet with a lot of your extra clothes, sporting equipment, or anything that you can live without while it’s packed up in a box, start there. Having these miscellaneous items out of the way will allow you to focus on the more important rooms.

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When it’s time to pack up rooms with valuable or delicate items, like the kitchen, make sure you have all the right materials to ensure everything has a safe journey to your new home. Have plenty of wrapping paper, bubble wrap, and tape on hand so everything gets a comfortable and protective covering before being placed in a box.

When you’re packing up valuables, like family heirlooms, jewelry, or anything else you’d hate to get lost, broken, or even stolen, take extra precaution to wrap them tightly and comfortably. Also, keep those boxes with you instead of giving them to the movers. Taking your most prized possessions with you will ensure you’re in control of them the entire duration of the move.

Start Early

Procrastinating on your move is a surefire way to become overwhelmed. A move is a lot more work than most people think, as we often overlook the time it takes to organize, pack, and more importantly, clean up and get things squared away with your previous landlord or new buyers. So you shouldn’t just be allotting time for packing, but organizing and cleaning as well.

As soon as you find out that you’re moving, you should start thinking about all the details. Start making that list as soon as possible and giving things away to charity or throwing them out as you can. De-cluttering your home little by little every day will help you breeze through your packing. If you plan on hiring movers, call them way in advance to make sure they’re available on the date and time you need them. And when it’s time to pack, give yourself several days more than you think you need. Having extra time to clean, pack up remaining knick-knacks, or even being able to move boxes ahead of time will make moving day that much easier for you.

As exciting as moving can be, packing up and getting to your new house can be stressful and overwhelming. From hiring movers to packing up valuables, there’s a lot of room for error. However, using these simple tips well in advance of moving day can keep your stress levels low and enthusiasm high.

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