Tips And Ideas For A Meaningful Mother’s Day Gift

If you care deeply about your mother, like I do, you want every mother’s day gift to count. This actually sounds easier than it actually is, especially if you are on a limited budget. Being a professional jeweler, I’ve helped many people to select and create original mother’s day jewelry and gifts.

Here are some tips and ideas for an original mother’s day gift.

Create Something Mother’s Day Gift

Ok, so the first thing that comes through your mind is a kindergarten child drawing and scribbling something for his mom, but there are actually some wonderful, sophisticated mother’s day gifts that you can create by yourself.

Printing a book which will contain family photos and photos of you and your mom is a great and comparatively inexpensive gift idea. Collect all the photos you would like to include in the book and scan them. You can write a heartfelt and amusing text that will describe each photo and create a history of the relationship between you and your mother. Start with photos of you as a baby, in your mother’s arms, and end with current photos.

You can print the book, either by preparing it by yourself in PDF form, once you have all the photos scanned and the text inserted and using online printing services such as LULU. Such services print even in single quantities and offer color and hardcover book formats. Another option is to use online service that offer editing services, including graphic editing. Such services are more expensive, but give your book a more professional look and feel.

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Design Something

Another option, which is actually more in line with my main occupation, is to design a piece of jewelry by using online services that allow you to mix and match various necklace designs and materials.

I always recommend for customers to use gold when designing a mother’s day necklace, but if you know that your mother prefers silver or acrylic you can go for those options too.

Before actually starting the design work and selecting the format and material, ask yourself what you would like to say and express. Naturally, everyone would like to express love and affection, but think about your own mother’s preferences and try to give your necklace a personal flair, perhaps by combining both your initials into the design, or inscribing a few words that will be meaningful only to the two of you.

If in doubt, you can also ask your mother about her preferences, not everything has to be a surprise and you can have some fun by designing matching necklaces together.

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