Tips on Hiring A Live-In Nanny

Hiring a live-in nanny might seem confusing and a little scary at first, but the fact is, there are a number of qualified and experienced childcare professionals out there who will genuinely care for the needs of a family.
Live-in nannies are particular helpful for a family in which both of the parents work full-time. Usually, the mothers are expected to do it all; the cooking, cleaning, childcare, and work too. That just simply isn’t practical for many women who are also trying to hold down a career. After all, sleep is necessary. So which way is the best to begin a live-in nanny search?

Online Nanny Services

Online in-home care service agencies will often charge what is called a placement fee. While this can be rather expensive through some companies, they are worth it as the fee is usually a result of an intensely thorough driving record and background check which is performed for each of their available caregivers.
In fact, most agencies such as these will put forth additional effort into placing you with a nanny who will be the perfect fit for the lifestyle and need of the client’s family. At the same time, if it so happens that the fit ever turns out to be less than idea, that same agency will work their best to find an appropriate replacement based upon the feedback and experiences of the family.

Specialized Care

If you were to resort to a newspaper ad or similar, generic job listing website, you run the risk of opening up your home to just about anybody. This means that you will need to pay to perform your own reference and background checks. Some of these investigations can produce less than accurate results and even be extremely expensive as you are not receiving any professional guidance in how to thoroughly investigate an individual’s background.
Another benefit that online nanny services provide is in their placement expertise. Online live-in nanny services will usually guide the client through an initial questionnaire. This serves to communicate to potential live-in nannies exactly what it is that is expected of them. It will give them an opportunity to evaluate the family and ask for any clarification that might be needed.
Expertise is not limited to just the agency, however. Many online sites require licensed and certified caretakers who have current and up-to-date CPR and emergency care education. This is an invaluable necessity for families entrusting their care to a nanny.

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Security will likely be a concern when sifting through online nanny services. Before committing to an ad placement with any website, determine how much of your information will be published for the public to see. Many families would prefer not to have their names published. Always be sure that the information being posted is promised to be secure. Create an email address via a free email provider in order to receive inquiries in order to ensure privacy.
Searching for a qualified live-in nanny can be an extremely time consuming process. However, while online options will charge an upfront placement fee, the thorough investigation process is worth the expense for ultimate safety and total care of the family.

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