Tips To Get Your Toddler To Cooperate When Brushing His Teeth

Making your toddler cooperate when brushing his teeth can be very difficult at times. Some toddlers will scream and trash their way out of the activity, while there are also those that will sit still through the whole process but won’t open their mouth. But brushing the teeth is very important. It should be something that they learn at a very early age. It should be a routine they need to get used to if you want to prevent early damage to their teeth.

If you’re having difficulties getting your toddler to cooperate when brushing his teeth, then here are some tips to make the process easier for you.

Show Him How It’s Done

Most toddlers want to try their independence. They want to put on their clothes and shoes by themselves; they want to feed themselves; and they even want to help you around the house. You can take advantage of this stage by teaching him how to brush his teeth. Instead of simply telling him to open his mouth so you can brush his teeth, why not let him brush his teeth himself? You only have to guide his hand so he could brush all of his teeth.

If he’s old enough, you can let him brush his own teeth without assistance. Just explain to him though that you still need to inspect his teeth before bedtime so you can be assured that it was done properly.

You could also show him how the proper way of brushing the teeth is done. You could stand beside him in front of the mirror and let him copy your movements.

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Make the Activity Fun

Another tip for making him cooperate is to make the activity fun. Instead of simply brushing his teeth, why not incorporate a little story? For example, you can tell him a story about the diligent little street sweeper who’s helping the city. His toothbrush can be the street sweeper and his teeth can be the street. The street is “dirty” from all the food and liquid, so the little sweeper needs to clean them to keep the city free from the army of bacteria. The army of bacteria can easily invade the city if the streets are dirty, and it’s the little sweeper’s duty to keep them out. A nice little story like this can help make it easier for you to brush your toddler’s teeth.

Tell Him the Importance of Brushing His Teeth

Never forget to tell him the importance of why he has to have clean teeth when you’re brushing your toddler’s teeth. The accumulation of bacteria in the mouth can hasten up the process of tooth decay. Not only is this uncomfortable and painful for your child, but the dental procedures can also be quite expensive. It’s better to prevent tooth infection than deal with it, after all.

Teaching your toddler how to brush his teeth should be easy. But most of the time, it can be stressful to both the child and the parent. If you want his cooperation, then make sure the activity is fun for him. Children, especially young ones, learn better and faster when they’re enjoying what they’re doing.

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