Top 4 Lego Toy Sets For 2013

Lego toys are still the craze of the modern age, for people young and old! Can you believe that Lego started manufacturing these popular toys as far back as 1949? When we were younger we had a massive bag full of Lego bits and we used to play for hours creating scenarios of robbers being chased by the police, robots destroying cities and whatever else we could dream up.

That’s the great advantage of having Lego is being able to play hours on end with the same toy. The only difference in this day and age is that you get amazing Lego sets (ninjas, pirates, police, SWAT teams, fairies, princesses, knights and more!) to play with. You’re children will be able to identify with the themes and learn while they play.

Here’s a list of some great Lego toys you can find on the market:

1.Lego City Police station 7498

Help keep Lego City safe while running your own police station! This station is fully equipped with a prison, police officers, police cars and a prisoner to chase after down the busy streets in hot pursuit.

2.LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 7965

If you’re a Star Wars fan you certainly need to get your children involved! What better way to do that than buy them this amazing Star Wars Millenium Falcon set? This Lego set includes the popular cast Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Ben Kenobi, Darth Vader, the Princess and Chewbacca! Before you know it you’ll be sitting with your children while you play together and dodge twin flick missiles, rotating quad laser cannons and the nefarious Darth Vader as he chases you across the galaxy.

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3.Lego Dino Dino Defense HQ 5887

What kid doesn’t love dinosaurs? You’ll make his day when you bring home the Dino Defence HQ set which contains a laboratory, communication centres and tranquiliser stations! With these, you can defend your HQ against the dangerous dinosaurs and capture them for observation and research. You’ll also receive 4 hero figures (The good guys), 3 dangerous dinosaurs, a car and a helicopter.

4.Lego Super Heroes Hulk Helicarrier Breakout 6868

Super Heroes are hitting the scenes and kids are practically dressing like them now and shouting catchy catch phrases like Hulk Smash and Avengers assemble. So why not buy them one of the latest avengers Lego sets where they can play (safely) with their favourite super heroes. This set includes Thor, Hulk , Hawkeye and Loki as well as a prison containment centre and Helicarrier.

Their only limit is their own creativity in creating new scenarios and stories with their Lego sets, but that’s where you can also come in and play with your children (Who wouldn’t!).

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